And princess royal Zhao Dingsi?

She is somewhere in between.
"These eyes are like stars, tentacles and barbed pink. So cute!"
Princess royal Zhao Dingsi stretched out his finger and seemed to want to touch something.
But I touched it
This made this princess royal feel uncomfortable
I pursed my mouth again.
But I laughed again for a moment.
"Hee hee"
"I found that it was right for me to come to you as a partner."
"With you, we will be able to achieve great things."
"Well …"
"What is your strength?"
"Can I have a look?"
Princess royal Zhao Dingsi just reached out and grabbed Goethe’s sleeve and swung it back and forth like a child of five or six years old.
"Another dish?"
Goethe asked like this.
"What dish?"
"sheep’s tail!"
Goethe said a finger copper pot.
At the moment, the copper pot is full of coals, and the clear soup has already rolled over.
"It’s a pity that this clear soup pot has no mutton tail stew pot."
"And you have to put a little ginger and onion."
Goethe said with a face of serious.
Princess royal Zhao Dingsi is wait for a while.
She felt that she was a little behind Goethe’s train of thought.
In her mind, Goethe will definitely make some conditions at this time.
Goethe did come out.
But this condition is a bit of a joke, right?
Maybe …
He’s a little out of his mind?
Princess royal Zhao Dingsi secretly thought.
But I didn’t hesitate, so I nodded and agreed to come
Zhao Dingsi promised to flash Goethe’s bloody steam rising and seven blood shadows went straight away.
"Blood Nerve!"
Princess royal Zhao Dingsi exclaimed.
The princess royal then pinched the eyebrows.
She switched her frequency.



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