Listening to Gang Shou Ji’s off-road satisfaction, she nodded and asked, "Lord Gang Shou, you shouldn’t come to me to say those secret things are so simple, right?"

"What can I do for you? Just say so."
"Well, there is no need to hide it from you. I also like to talk directly."
Nodded Gang Shou Ji said, "Shadow Master, I’m willing to be with you. Actually, it’s just a person. That’s mute ape flying. If it weren’t for mute threatening me, would you and I like to come back to the village to deal with Thunder Shadow? But now that I have received information, it seems that the ape-flying old man didn’t let go of the mute, but prepared for her to force me to stay behind Muye Village, so I won’t say anything more, will I? "
"Does the Shadow Master know what you should do?"
"Don’t worry, Lord Gang Shou, I know what to do."
Knowing that Gang Shou Ji needs to do things by herself, she nodded silently and answered, "It is enough for me to restore my strength to 50%. I am sure that I will transfer the mute secret out of the village. Then Gang Shou’s adult will see if you have the ability to leave the village. After all, if you want to secretly transfer you out of the village, you still need to get together with Uchihiro gens."
"Hum Uchihiro!"
Gang Shou smiled disdainfully and said, "I haven’t paid attention to the Uchihiro clan yet. Since you can secretly mute it, that’s enough."
Said Gang Shou Ji suddenly remind of what asked, "by the way, the shadow mage at the beginning you said that my phobia seems to be treatable, right? Since we are getting together, let’s be as direct as we just discussed things. What do you need me to do to cure my phobia? "
"I’d like to get rid of the weakness of phobia …"
"Pay the price!"
That’s what you said!
Corners of the mouth raise a faint smile. Do you need Gang Shou Ji to do things off-road?
Nature is to create and regenerate the hermetic cultivation method!
However, just as the cross-country was about to open its mouth to beg for Gang Shou Ji’s hermetic creation and regeneration, who wanted to cross-country suddenly frowned slightly? Because while the cross-country and Gang Shou Ji were going to have a round of trading, a secret department suddenly walked into the sight of the cross-country Gang Shou Ji, and soon the secret department informed the cross-country Gang Shou Ji that an unexpected guest wanted to visit them.
"He’s coming? But when he chooses … "
"There seems to be something wrong?"
Chapter 49 Invitation to change
It was a surprise to hear that an unexpected guest visited Gang Shou Ji.
On the contrary, it’s just some surprise after cross-country knows the identity of visiting guests.
As early as when cross-country successfully established a "combination" with Gang Shou Ji, it was clear that Gang Shou Ji was definitely not the only one who wanted him as a "basket case" to establish a "combination". With that amazement, it can be said that he never thought that the second partner in his mind could rush to Ding Zuo camp to discuss the "combination".
So who is the unexpected guest who came to visit cross-country Gang Shou Ji at this time?
The answer is the ferret god!
That’s right, it’s Uchibo, the ferret god, and Uchibo, the head of the clan, the ferret god!
However, it can’t be said that the people who want to establish "harmony" in cross-country can’t be said that they are similar in age and cross-country. Obviously, at this time, the people replaced by the ferret god are the Uchibo clan chiefs, who are famous in Muye Village, and the people represented by the ferret god in cross-country are not as simple as Uchiha Fugaku. It should be said that the ferret god really represents the Uchibo clan.
Is it in Muye Village that the scenery is very beautiful? Do the Uchibo people want to establish a "combination" off-road?
There are three reasons why cross-country thought of it early.
The first and most important reason is that the Uchihiro clan was suppressed by three generations of Huoying.
Ever since the Three-Tail Rebellion occurred in Muye Village, Kyubi no Youko Rebellion, you have spread rumors in Muye Village, saying that behind the Three-Tail Rebellion in Kyubi no Youko Rebellion, there was a plot by Uchibo clan, but in fact, after the four generations of Huoying retired, the three generations of Huoying seized the tail of Uchibo clan and began to severely suppress Uchibo clan.
The lackeys of the three generations of Naruto, after discovering that the three generations of Naruto meant to suppress the Uchibo clan, were naturally willing to fall into the well stone. Nowadays, the position of the Uchibo clan is very embarrassing. Even ordinary people of the Uchibo clan are ridiculed and ridiculed by ordinary ninjas when they are in Muye Village.
As a result, the original scenery is now lonely, and the Uchihiro clan is naturally thinking about the combination of the strong and reappearing glory.
And how many really strong people are there in Konoha Village?
Gang Shou Ji in the Three Endurances is equivalent to running away from Jiraiya. She is often not in Muye Village. Only orochimaru is the strong one who lives in seclusion in Muye Village, but orochimaru and Uchiha Fugaku really don’t have that boldness of vision.
Besides, the Uchihiro clan was merged with Shimura Danzou when there was the Sanwei Rebellion and Kyubi no Youko Rebellion in Muye Village, Shimura Danzou. Didn’t the final result be sold by Shimura Danzou?
Counting to Muye Village, who else can be strong with Uchibo clan?
Unless the old film level strong three generations of hokage seems to be …
Only at a young age will there be a shadow mage who is famous for cross-country
Therefore, this is the second reason why the Uchibo clan wants to join the cross-country team. Nowadays, the lonely Uchibo clan really needs the strong team.
But cross-country is very clear about Uchiha Fugaku’s idea
He wants to get along with himself mainly to give Uchihiro a development time.
In the Uchihiro clan, the water-stopping ferrets are all talented ninjas, all of whom are Uchiha Fugaku. After the new generation is combined with cross-country, Uchiha Fugaku can give the water-stopping ferrets more opportunities to grow up and silently wait for them to become the strong in the forbearance world, that is, the strong in the film level.
However, cross-country can predict that when the water-stopping ferret god becomes a powerful movie, it will be the time when Uchibo clan really goes into decline.
What makes you say that?
Don’t you see that in the original story, Uchiha Fugaku’s ambition began to breed after the God of Water Stopper grew up, and he began to think about rebellion?
It is also because of this that I know that Uchiha Fugaku is an ambitious guy. The "combination" of cross-country and Uchihiro is bound to be mutually beneficial
Let’s talk about the third reason why Uchiha Fugaku wants to "close" with cross-country
The reason is …
Cross-country has become a "basket case". I’m afraid Uchiha Fugaku has a cure in his hand. He wants to restore his cross-country strength in exchange for cross-country "combination" or Gali cross-country
Then, in Uchiha Fugaku, the ferret god came here to visit cross-country and visit a Gang Shou Ji accompanied by several elite Uchihiro clan.
And cross-country is also clear about Uchiha Fugaku’s idea after being slightly surprised.
right after
Looking at the familiar ferret god slowly appeared in front of his face, but he looked like a detained cross-country. He smiled casually and said, "How come you and I haven’t seen each other for a while?" I haven’t played with you for a long time. If my injury is not so serious, I really want to … "
"Have a good discussion with you!"
"Well, it’s more important for you to recover from cross-country. When you get well, we’ll have a good discussion!"
After the three-tailed change to Kyubi no Youko, the ferret god has matured a lot, but it is a pity that it can’t be compared with cross-country
Children will always be children’s ferrets. Even if they are young, they can look at the problem like a fire shadow. However, cross-country in front of cross-country is just a few words, which makes the ferrets less restrained. It can be seen that the gap between cross-country and ferrets can become bigger and bigger. Maybe the gap between them will become smaller when the ferrets grow rapidly in the next few years!
However, there is no idea of "surpassing" the ferret god in cross-country nowadays.
Because today’s cross-country, the guys who originally wanted to surpass, such as the ferret god and the water stop, are far behind.
Then respectfully and saluted Gang Shou Ji, there was a cross-country in front of him, and the meerkat God quickly cut to the chase and said, "Cross-country Gang Shou’s adult, the purpose of my coming here this time is mainly to bring greetings from my father’s adult. If possible, my father’s adult hopes that the two can go to our Uchibo family to be a guest after returning to the village …"



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