"no, I heard that they are in the same dormitory."

Su You and Arisha live in the same dormitory? !
Aside, Ziyue smiled meaningfully. "Was that your sister just now?"
Su orange language
Purple Moon continued in a low voice, "Arisha can change several roommates in one semester, and no one can stand her orders. If you don’t want your sister to die miserably, I suggest you restore women’s clothing and live in a dormitory with her."
Xiao Eleven and Zixing are watching the game around the table at this time and don’t pay attention to the situation here.
"This is her choice and I won’t interfere." Su Orange said indifferently.
Purple month shrugged so-called smile "all right! I can’t see that it’s quite democratic for you to come from a civilian family! "
"No one stipulates that democracy belongs to the nobility!" Sue orange casually replied.
"Although you hit my brother, I am very careless, but I still like your supercilious character." Purple Moon reached out and put it on Su Orange’s shoulder, and they looked very close.
Provoked many young girls to be jealous.
Su pomelo walked to the side of Blue Nine with a big cup of coffee and respectfully offered "Master Blue invites coffee".
Is this girl here to learn? Or come to work? At least go out to the billiard hall to serve tea and water, and get paid. It’s just voluntary work here.
Chapter 31 There is no strongest but stronger!
Look at Su Orange’s face. Blue Jiu took Su pomelo and handed me coffee. She smiled politely. "Thank you!"
Su pomelo face a slight red "you’re welcome, master blue"
This stupid girl didn’t notice Arisha’s bitter eyes.
Blue nine kindly woke up, "You don’t have to do these things yourself, just call them."
"No, I’m idle. I can’t understand billiards anyway."
Did this girl get kicked in the head by a donkey? At the sight of the blue nine became an idiot Arisha is probably can’t see, standing on high heels swinging lithe and graceful slender waist came up at the blue nine coquettish smile "their skills are not too bad! It’s not interesting at all, auntie. Come on! "
Ah Jiu … She really doesn’t think of herself as an outsider? The goose bumps on the orange are coming out.
Blue nine smiled at Sue orange "do you want to try? I can teach you if you can’t. "
This affectionate look makes Su Orange’s back numb. What she can’t stand most is that "same sex" is directed at herself.
It’s true that boys teach girls to play billiards and teach the ball is false intimate contact! Can she let this guy touch her? It makes me sick to think about it.
Su Orange bluntly said, "I’ve played before, but I haven’t played for a long time, so I may be a little rusty."
It’s really surprising that the iceberg goddess can play billiards every day when her eyes are bright. "Then try it."
Sue orange nodded his head.
Purple month mysteriously smile low way "you play with him? He is the president of the billiards club. Well, it seems that I have to pray that you don’t die too badly. "
"Well, please pray." Su Orange got up smartly and followed Blue Nine to one of the tables.
When others saw that there was a president here, many people gathered around the table for the official competition, but it was a lot colder.
Purple Star looked at Su Orange in surprise. "Do you really want to compete billiards with the president?"
Xiao eleven has cast incredible eyes. No one dares to challenge him at school. Is Jiu Ge Su Chen too arrogant?
Sue orange eyes swept away the table to ignore the surrounding discussion.
Su pomelo quietly grabbed her skirts. "Orange, stop that now!" It would be a shame to lose. "
Purple month a pull Sue orange in the past, "I know you’re afraid that your brother will be embarrassed when he loses. It’s normal to compare skills! Only by participating in the competition can we find our own shortcomings and avoid weaknesses. We will just watch. "
Su pomelo also knows that she can’t easily expose her sister’s identity, so she is a little uneasy and mutters, "What? I’ve never seen her play ball …"
Su Orange has not touched billiards for 16 years, and she is not sure that she can win Blue Nine. But since the other party invited her, how can she back down?
Moreover, she also wants to know whether Lan Jiu’s strength is as good as what he thought. When he was in school, his skills were all the rage, and no one could beat him.
An expert will know if there is one at a time.
Su orange holds the pole posture and knows it is very professional. Everyone is full of curiosity about this newcomer who dares to fight against the president.
It seems that she has neglected some objective factors. Whether she is a boy or not, she is much stronger in strength and physique than she is now. On the pool table, the hand is slender and white and looks so weak. Even Su Orange is a little unsure of this body herself.
Sue orange didn’t adapt to the first game and lost to Blue Nine.
Objectively evaluating the skill of Blue Nine is really good, and it is considered a master.
Through the warm-up of Su Orange in the first game, the onlookers also found that the freshman made rapid progress from being unfamiliar to being proficient in a short time.
To everyone’s surprise, Su Orange lost in the second game, but Blue Nine was just a narrow victory.
The original blue nine was still playing casually. Later, he found that Su Orange was more powerful than he expected, so he dared not take it lightly. Although he won this game, he still wiped a cold sweat.
Arisha said, "Su Chen, you have already lost two games. There is no need to compete again, right?"
Wei Lanjiu is still unfinished. "Don’t worry, we will decide the outcome in five games!"
Xiao Yi looked at Su Orange with a calm look and couldn’t help sighing that this guy was worse than expected, and it really made people look forward to it! He is very clear about the strength of Blue Nine, but he is unknown to Su Chen. Because of the unknown, he is more interested in knowing what will happen in the next game.
The onlookers probably hold the same mentality, and some girls have shouted to Su Chen for refueling.
Purple Moon is more and more interested. Hehe, I didn’t expect this iceberg beauty to play billiards so well, even if she lost two games in a row. If her opponent were someone else, she would win easily! You know, her opponent is the president of billiards club, Lan Jiu! The strength difference is that there is no strongest in this world!
If Lan Jiu had the foresight to know that Su Orange would clear the table in one shot in the next three games, he would certainly not be so generous in saying that five games would decide the outcome.
In fact, it is not difficult for Su Orange to win in the first two games. Her demon system is not a decoration. Now there are more than 3,000 energy values exchanged for a billiards skill, and it is easy to win Blue Nine.
But she seldom initiates this unification at ordinary times. She doesn’t want to rely on this unification theory to do things. It will be more meaningful if she participates and wins in person. If she is too unified, won’t she become a puppet of unification? It’s too LOW to win by cheating! And she didn’t put Blue Nine in her eyes.
Secondly, although this system has been with Su Orange for 16 years, she always feels that the world has no reason to harvest energy, which is conservative and can’t be achieved for nothing forever.
Therefore, it depends on others or it is better to make yourself stronger!
Facts have proved that her idea is completely correct. If she hadn’t restrained the fear of unification, she would have become a puppet of unification by now.
If the host has no strong ability and spirit, how can he control this powerful system to keep himself?
In the theory of Su Orange’s appearance, one-shot clearing is vividly presented to everyone.
Everyone was shocked. The stadium was getting quieter and quieter, with the sound of billiards hitting and the sound of orange moving.
Later, it was so quiet that even breathing and heartbeat were clearly distinguishable!
Chapter 32 Hanging Fried days! (More thanks)


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