Before Jianhui left, "Hello!"

"Hello!" Mad dog dragon smiled and lit up the id at the same time. "I came from the representative guild of the Eastern Dynasty to visit Boss Jian!"
He obviously did his homework beforehand to find out all these habits of Jianhui.
Jianhui politely reached out, "Please invite us to sit down and talk inside!"
With this move, this calm mad dog dragon won’t dare to look down upon this Jian Hui.
Mad dog dragon and Jianhui, who are beautifully decorated and elegant, can eat delicious food for two people, but twenty people can’t finish it, which shows that Jianhui is an old hand in Jianghu. He is polite without losing his manners.
Mad dog dragon has always been a door to the door. "I was entrusted by the guild to come to jinqiao town to consult with the sword boss."
Jianhui stared at him. "Negotiate what?"
Mad Dog Dragon said slowly, "We know that those obsidian excavated at the No.99 refresh point are still in jinqiao town, with a total of 11 escort vehicles. Our Eastern Dynasty is not demanding to have 4 of them."
This requirement is really not high, but Jianhui is silent about the other party. These words contain not only a lot of information, but also the other party is quite simple, even these confidential information are inquired.
It was a long time before he said, "I don’t have the disposal of this batch of goods. You should negotiate with the top management of Huafeihua."
Mad dog dragon primly said, "But the goods are still in jinqiao town, and the goods are in jinqiao town, so that’s your call."
After that, he took out a beautifully packaged gift box from his baggage and typed the transaction column. "This is a gift specially entrusted by the vice president of our guild, Ai Sin, to give to Boss Jian. He is willing to make friends with Boss Jian and keep a long-term relationship. This is a little token of his wish. I hope Boss Jian can accept it."
This is the crime of love, and it is also the tradition of the Eastern Dynasty to propose a toast to you. It would be great if it could develop into a harmonious relationship.
Jianhui took a look at the box, which contained a diamond necklace with bright colors. This is the collection in the game, which has no real value for players, but it can be sold to stores at a high price. Of course, there is another good way, that is, it is necessary to pick up girls.
Love crime is to know these routines well. You are not short of money and equipment for carrying dams in jinqiao town. I am not only sincere in sending this, but also I have made a clear investigation of your preferences. You must not refuse it.
Jianhui didn’t say anything. After receiving the gift, he took the glass and said, "I respect you for this one. You are a guest from afar!"
It was not until after drinking that Jianhui sighed, "The Oriental Dynasty is indeed a powerful guild. I have been in jinqiao town for a long time, and I often listen to people."
Mad dog dragon listened to him patiently.
Jianhui said, "My friend, since you are from the Eastern Dynasty, there must be some rules in the White Guild. If the rules are broken, it will be difficult to take the team."
Mad dog dragon nodded his approval, but his heart sank a little.
Jianhui continued, "It’s reasonable to say that the Eastern Dynasty won’t care about just a dozen cars, obsidian, which can’t be seen in the eyes of your two bosses, but the Eastern Dynasty must have friends with his rules, so you come here. On the other hand, it’s the same with flowers and flowers, and so is our jinqiao town."
As he spoke, he also pulled out a glittering and translucent pendant from the baggage. "This is a lucky charm to hang in the car, which is a reward for my love for your boss and thanking him for his respect for me."
Mad dog dragon took it, and at the same time, he secretly lamented that this Jianghu is the Jianghu. The director made it watertight, with both manners and rules. If he hadn’t had this trip, Mad dog dragon would be willing to make friends with Jian Hui.
But now his heart has completely sunk, and he has seen that this matter wants to be solved by peaceful means, because jinqiao town Gen will not sell the account of the Eastern Dynasty.
Do you want to say that the bully is the bully? Just run your own acre and divide the land into three parts. I have a bird’s hair in your two big family affairs
Jinqiao town and the footprint are very similar, both belong to private industries, but there are also differences. The situation in jinqiao town is more complicated, and the surface of this place is peaceful and there are no protective measures.
If you really do, you are wrong. It is difficult to enter from the outside, but it is easy to break through the department after entering, while it is difficult for jinqiao town to come in and want to go out. Mad Dog Dragon inquired about this information clearly in advance.
At this time, Jianhui clapped his hands and said, "Hello, my friend, it’s hard to come to jinqiao town once. jinqiao town will treat you for a while, and there are programs that I hope you don’t leave in a hurry." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Xiangzhuang sword dance
Night is a terrible loneliness for some people, but in jinqiao town, the arrival of night means that colorful nightlife has just begun.
The third floor of Four Seasons Spring Restaurant is a very luxuriously decorated and beautiful performing arts bar. There is a performance stage in the center of the spacious atmosphere, surrounded by sofas and soft seats, and all kinds of lights are intertwined. Players are drinking and having fun on the stage, and people are constantly performing various programs, such as dancing, singing and dancing.
This is a drunken night scene. For those players who have worked hard in the wild all day, this is the best place to relax and enjoy at night.
It’s very simple. Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Similarly, where there is wine, there is no shortage of women. At the moment, looking at those beautiful women dancing on the stage, their eyes are a little straight.
It’s not that he is crazy about beautiful women, but that he can’t imagine how many beautiful women play here in this remote place.
To put it bluntly, although jinqiao town is small in scale, people here are rich and lucky, and they become rich overnight when they dig up valuable obsidian.
Money means that if an uncle reaches a certain position, you don’t need to deliberately post girls and beautiful women.
Just like now, Jianhui is the biggest sofa and a stage in the north, and those beautiful women who dress sexy and enchanting come to propose a toast from time to time.
Jianhui has a symbolic drink and then introduces it. Today, the distinguished guests and beautiful women worship the mad dog dragon in succession. Everyone knows that some dragons have some bad problems. Nima drinks for nothing, and drinks for nothing.
When others offered him a toast, he drank chivas regal wine in one gulp. After 12 or 13 cups, he was incredibly deadpan and breathless. Jianhui laughed, "Brother Gua is really a good drinker."


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