Big honey’s offer can almost double their income. Her monthly salary is 5,001 years, and all the prizes will be shared equally by the team members. This condition is really very attractive. Although the professional players did not immediately agree, they did not definitely refuse. So big honey will feel that there is still hope to dig these people over.

After I club lost this round, Ye Qing already knew that he had set a dead end by the enemy. If that tactic was repeated, it would probably be counterproductive. He had to change his tactics. It was not advisable to eat all over the sky. He decided to attack a point in the middle of the force. Now I club is divided into two parts, that is, insects get together and barely count as a dragon.
Ye Qing’s attack direction is point B, because he knows the old fish story and is used to arranging snipers at point A to protect snipers and to arrange two machine gunners’ shelters. There must be three people defending at point A and two machine gunners defending at point B.
Ye Qing chose to attack point A, of course, because he wanted to attack the weak point of the other side. He made sure whether the other side was outside the middle gate or led everyone to attack it from the middle gate. As a result, he jumped at it. They didn’t run back, but they attacked ab in two ways. At two o’clock, he made a move to catch cicadas and yellowbirds.
Fortunately, however, it is an old fish story that divides troops to attack two points. Otherwise, where can I stop their attack? Yong 2′ s overly cautious personality has helped Ye Qing a lot. He divided himself to attack point B, and there are only two people. His judgment is the same as Ye Qing’s. If I divide the troops into two ways, there will be snipers among those who attack point A, and there will be at least three people at point A.
Ye Qing took people into point B with great vigilance and gradually eliminated the danger, only to find that point B was alone, which surprised him very much. Before he came to arrange the package for point B, someone rushed in and attacked them directly from behind. Ye Qing immediately directed his teammates to fight back.
The old fish story attacked point B. Neither of them thought that there were five people in the other side at point B. Although they launched the attack rashly, it was already difficult to ride a tiger. At the same time, they also informed that they had rushed to point A. They quickly rushed to point B.
Ye Qing knows that the other person will definitely come to reinforce him. Before the arrival of the other reinforcements, he must first kill the two machine gunners at point B, so that even if the other reinforcements arrive, there will be no numerical advantage. Then they will be able to defend by relying on the numerical advantage.
"Don’t let them get away!" Ye Qing made Dong Laoer and cold-blooded lead the charge. Ye Qing followed him in the center, but he didn’t chase him. He expected the other side’s reinforcements to arrive, so he let the meteor ambush the mirror and aim at the two main roads in the direction of point A. He also ambushed himself.
Ye Qing is making two preparations. In case Dong Laoer and them can’t catch up with the two machine gunners, then he and the meteor can also defend point B and wait for Dong Laoer and them to return to defend the old fish story.
Dong Laoer knows Ye Qing’s intention very well. He and the cold-blooded two rushed the fastest distance from the two machine gunners. When he turned a corner, he saw the back of the other two machine gunners. He immediately stopped with a burst of fire. One of them was directly shot in the head by him, and the other had to take refuge in the bunker.
Cold-blooded didn’t stop. Dong Laoer wanted to wake him up and be careful, but on second thought, he rushed over to attract each other’s firepower. At this time, the situation also chased Dong Laoer together and chased him together.
Cold-blooded really attracted each other, and the gunner’s firepower was very lively. After Dong Laoer and Qing joined, where could the man resist the cold-blooded death? He was screened by Dong Laoer and Qing.
"The second child did a good job!" Ye Qing saw the death message on the right side of the screen and couldn’t help but praise that he didn’t expect Dong Laoer to kill both the gunners, although he paid a certain price, but he thought it was worth it
Chapter 257 Victory is imminent
Dong Laoer and Qing haven’t returned to point B yet. Yong 2 has attacked point B with people. Three of them are equipped with snipers. Even if Ye Qing is conceited and flexible, he dare not expose himself to the air too much. Although the other machine gunner may not be able to kill him, it’s hard to say that the other sniper is fatal after all. He dare not take risks.
The meteor is in an unstable state, but at least it has been trained for such a long time, and the sniper rifle method has improved a lot. Occasionally, he can kill the other person first. This round, he has found a sniper point and the other party doesn’t know where his position is. His shot can be very different from being killed. He chose the other party to command Yong 2 to kill the target. This shot hit Yong 2′ s eyebrows very accurately and blew his head.
When his gun rang, he exposed his position. Tian Feng had noticed what he had done. He didn’t dare to flash out for the second time. One person was missing, leaving two people with insufficient firepower. Naturally, he didn’t dare to go forward. They didn’t break the defense line at point B at the first time, so they lost their best chance. Dong Laoer and Qing had already rushed back. At this time, the defense force at point B reached four. The strength of the old fish story is not enough to get point B.
Yong 2 is also very clear in his heart that he has given up this round after being killed by a sniper. It is an irresistible trend for the other side to get the match point. They are able to play well in the next game and hope to make a big reversal.
What is more beneficial to the old fish story is that Club I has no package yet, and if it can be delayed enough, it can win, but they know very well that Ye Qing will not delay the opportunity for them. Club Tian Feng and the remaining gunner are very vigilant and worried that the other party will come to fight to the death.
Sure enough, Ye Qing saw that the other person didn’t go forward to attack very obscene, so he made a direct attack. As soon as they went forward, they rushed to the old fish story. The two men immediately turned around and didn’t dare to stay more. Now they can fight with each other recklessly. Ye Qing, of course, is not so stupid. He left one person behind and the rest of the people chased him out
He intends to chase each other to death all the time, even if he can’t chase them, he will chase them to 4 explosions without giving each other a chance to breathe. Tian Feng and the machine gunner were really chased all over the map and didn’t have a chance to stop. Finally, they were chased by Ye Qing and killed by the Ministry.
After taking this round, Club I will get the match point, and it will take another round to beat the old fish story and qualify from the group, which is definitely a historic moment for them.
A second-rate team’s victory over a first-class team is definitely a big upset. Usually, the strength gap is too big, and even the tactics are made up by law. However, Ye Qing created a miracle, and a tactic almost stuck the old fish story at half time. Although this tactic was finally cracked, they still established a big advantage.
The beauty explained that loli’s tone was gentle and she was not so excited when she came to the key moment. She smiled and said, "The ice cream team got the match point and the story of the old fish will be more passive. They have been pushed to the cliff and will fall into the abyss if they are not careful. They must step by step and not be careless. What tactics will the ice cream team take to command the city to win the final victory? And the old fish story should be like defense? This is really exciting! "
"This game has made the audience see a wonderful game. Even if they lost in the end, the ice cream team was defeated, but the old fish story lost. It was nothing. After all, they tried their best, and they showed us that they were strong. It was precisely because they were strong that we saw a wonderful game. But they were tenacious and had a genius command, and the command ak marksmanship was very sharp. As a result, loli’s partner was in a neutral position this time.
Ye Qing seems to have seen the victory waving to him. Before the game, everyone in the team except him felt that the game was a suspense. They must have lost. No one would think that the game could be won. They dared not have such an idea, and they had already given up the game in their hearts. Even if they came to the scene, it was finished.
Ye Qing didn’t really think there was much chance of winning the game before, but he refused to give up. He wanted to fight hard and try his best to play a game. He didn’t believe how badly he would lose. As a result, the game was dominated by him and a great victory was just around the corner.
This is really a sentence. Before the game is over, the root method predicts that the weak team can’t beat the strong team. Noi club can tell everyone that a weak team can also beat a strong team by taking this round. In ancient times, a few weak football teams beat a powerful team unexpectedly, and it also happens from time to time.
Dami got up directly from her seat. If Club I can bring it this round, her team will make history and become famous in World War I. Isn’t the story that an unknown team defeated Laoyu hot enough? It’s definitely the headline of competitive weekly
Watching the live broadcast on the Internet, netizens also turned to the wind and thought that I Club should be able to win the surprise. Before the game, those netizens who chose to support the old fish story could not help but regret it. But at this time, the law has been changed and they chose to support I Club. Netizens all showed off in the message area and said that the truth is generally in the hands of a few people.
Ye’s heart is still very calm, and the more it comes to the critical moment, the more he needs to maintain this mentality. His psychological quality is still very good. Although he is inexperienced in the competition, he does not have stage fright. After thinking quickly in his mind, he decides to attack the middle gate with Chinese troops. Because he attacked point B in the last round, the other side will definitely forget the pain he suffered in the middle gate. He may be able to get a miraculous effect by hitting the middle gate again. He is so good at grasping the opponent’s psychology.
Yong 2 really thinks so, too. If he goes out from the middle door to play an encounter with Club I again, he won’t dare to take the risk again if the other side directly attacks ab at two o’clock.
The other side has already got the match point, and mistakes will be ruined. Yong 2 thought it was better to be safe, so he arranged two people to defend the middle goal at two o’clock in ab, or left one person to observe the enemy’s situation. After all, he was miserable in the middle goal at half-time.
Ye Qing launched his attack. This time, it was different from before. At the same time, four grenades flew in, accompanied by a flash bomb. Before four grenades bombed, the flash bomb was dropped. This time, the man was thrown out of the door of the flash bomb station at the same time. After the explosion of four grenades, it was okay. Just as he was about to flash out, a flash fell to the ground. Suddenly, he flashed white. His tunnel was a mess, but he was worried that the other party would not attack. It was just a virtual situation. When he didn’t report the situation, Xiang Yong 2 did not.
Ye Qing directly rushed up the stairs with four men, and then the four machine gunners quickly dispersed. Soon, the machine gunner hiding behind the bunker was searched out. It was a burst of disorderly guns that killed the machine gunner until he was killed, so he immediately shouted and informed Yong 2.
Yong 2 was very depressed and snapped, "Why didn’t you say so earlier! ? You are delaying the fighter, damn it! " The gunner is very wronged tunnel "I’m not sure if they really attacked the middle door. What if not? I really don’t know what to do when you come to support and let them drill. The defensive pressure in the middle door is too great! "
It’s hard for Yong 2 to smell the news and say anything. It’s really the same. In the middle door, the defensive pressure is quite great, and the opponent’s reality is elusive. If you report the situation easily, it will easily make Yong 2 misjudge and make the team more passive.
Ye Qing took the men to the ladder to kill the machine gunner, and then he attacked them at point B. The firepower of the five of them was quite strong and they rushed very hard. Where could the defenders at point B resist? They simply flashed out from behind the bunker and fought and retreated.
Now keep the strength and then meet with the people at point A before * * * * Only in this way can we have a chance to regain the inferior position. Where will Ye Qing let the other side retreat? He rushed more fiercely with people and his marksmanship was sharp. Immediately, a machine gunner was shot in the head by him.
The man left was even more afraid to stay and even dare not to shoot, so he ran directly in the direction of The Infiltrator base. Ye Qing asked Dong Laoer to chase, and then left people to arrange defense lines. At the same time, he was also afraid to attack easily. He was prepared to take advantage of this time difference to install 4.
A point Yong 2 and Tian Feng came to the outside of point B, so they didn’t attack immediately because this round was too crucial. A little carelessness in the enemy’s confrontation would make the power of * * * * even weaker. He thought twice and decided to take Tian Feng to meet and retreat the gunner from point B.
Chapter 25 Really won
The old fish story commander retreated directly to the middle door with a sniper, and then rushed out from the middle door. They planned to meet the gunner Ye, who was chased by Dong Laoer, and saw the other person at point A. People were slow to move, and they could not help but exult that the other party did not attack again for what purpose, which gave him enough time to pack and arrange defense lines.
Soon the installation was successful. Yong 2 and Tian Feng went to meet the gunner. Fortunately, Dong Laoer was in hot pursuit. As a result, when he saw two people from the other side coming to meet him, he turned around and fled back to point B, where he was beaten by the other side.
Ye Qing’s commander will soon arrange the defense line, and all the main roads are guarded by people, and the firepower can form a crossfire network in an instant. When pedestrians look at this defense line, they will know that the commander is a master. loli said with admiration, "This defense is really well arranged, and the old fish story theory can’t be seen from anywhere. I think the old fish story is suspended this round and they are less watched than the ice cream team. Today, it is really a big surprise!"
"Yes, it’s really unexpected that the story of the old fish capsized in the gutter, but even if the ice cream team can qualify for the semi-finals, it’s hard to squeeze into the back of the semi-finals. There are too many strong teams. They are like a boat in the middle of the sea, which may be overturned by big waves at any time. They are even more hopeless. With strong teams such as S team and ig team feeding around, a team can easily beat them, but in time, this team may become more powerful, but I think their core figures should not stay in the team for long, so powerful people will go up sooner or later! Loli partner way
"I quite agree with this, and I think he will soon go to other stronger teams to develop!" Loli is very sure because she thinks that Ye Qing will agree to join a stronger team after her traction, and those strong teams are willing to accept such a talented player.
Ye Qing posted on the bunker quietly waiting for the arrival of the enemy. Four tones rang very clearly. Everyone held their breath and stared at the main roads. Yong 2 was understaffed. There was really not much way to take people directly from the bar to point B.
They can flash bullets and then two machine gunners rush in together. Snipers cover behind them. This is the only way to attack. Because time waits for no one, they can’t delay. When Ye Qing saw the flash flying in, he immediately woke up his teammates. When Yong 2 and a machine gunner rushed in, Dong Laoer, they had already formed a fierce crossfire network. They put the other two machine gun gloves into the net in an instant. The right time was a single point to kill one of the machine gunners. At this time, their numbers occupied an absolute advantage. He was afraid to immediately press everyone to destroy the other’s remaining two men in one fell swoop.
Yong 2 is desperate in his heart. This round is already a good chance. If the other person is aggressive and doesn’t give them a chance, his heart will retreat again. After all, it won’t last for a while. 4 is about to explode. Are you going to fight with each other anyway?
A generation of strongmen was forced to this position by a second-rate team, which was really awkward. However, in the end, Yong 2 and Tian Feng broke a vicious force. Tian Feng showed the strength of a god-class sniper, which was simply beyond the level. He even killed two enemy machine guns and pistols in a row. The shooting rate was quite fast, but Yong 2 was also extremely high. He even gave Ye Qing a little death.
At this critical juncture, the situation suddenly changed. Club I was outnumbered, but the wind fell. This was unexpected by everyone, not even Yong 2 himself. However, they still had no chance of winning because there were still people on the other side and 4 was about to explode. They didn’t have enough time to dismantle the bomb.


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