The mad dog dragon twisted desperately and the white light almost wiped his face, but it was not others.

Hear "ding" a crunchy life-saving chain was cut off by this white light.
On, Yan Yuhua Qingcheng and Han Xinyi were dumbfounded at the same time, and the mad dog dragon also fell into the darkness. This time, it was a fairy and it was hard to save.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Fall ning town trap
Camellia Star Baiyun City Luoning Town Outer Suburb
A group of deputy armed mercenaries, with light guns and cats around their waist, crept forward in the dead forest. Under the cover of night, they moved very quickly and soon surrounded the house in Li Dalong.
The first mercenary leader wore a ferocious mask. He raised his light gun and waved it at the front of the team.
Lin Zhinai can crustily skin of head into the hospital.
He is still alive, but it is better to die. Not only did he suffer inhuman torture in the Tianlong army base, but after returning to Camellia, Tianlong army asked him to be a pathfinder.
First, I went to the town shop and found that people on the river and Haidong actually went to the building to follow them, and they found that something was wrong and quickly touched Li Dalong’s room.
This bungalow looks ordinary in the usual way, but at the moment, looking at it in the night, it gives people an indescribable strange feeling, because it is too quiet here, and it is unusually quiet.
"Can you give me a knife!" Lin Zhi asked
The team leader was not afraid of his cheating and nodded to one side. Immediately, some players handed a discerning dagger to Lin Zhi.
Holding this dagger, Lin Zhi slowly walked into the yard. His purpose was to pry the door lock with a dagger.
The fact that as soon as he approached the gate on the first floor, he "squeaked" and hit Lin Zhi himself, he suddenly felt a chill rushing up at the soles of his feet.
Mercenaries around is also a nervous have raised their weapons.
However, Lin Zhi walked in and found that the waters and Haidong in the room were not here.
At this time, this group of mercenaries have entered the housing department one after another.
The chief was extremely cautious. He scanned the facilities in the room, such as sofas, coffee tables, closets, stoves, chairs, long tables …
The facilities of this house are no different from those of an ordinary poor person’s residence, and the tea table has been stained with a thin layer of dust, which proves that this house has been abandoned for some time.
The leader took off his mask and revealed a seductive face. She was actually a woman. "It’s strange where did he go?"
"Chief, do you want to search four times?" Someone nearby suggested.
The woman shook her head. "Better not!"
"Boss, there is a miniature is here!" Someone else is out.
Looking down at the sound source, they found that the closet in the hall was beaten and a miniature is lying quietly inside.
Someone tried to get it, but the woman stopped him. "Stop it! You bastard, have you forgotten that our opponents are in business? "
The player who reached out angrily retreated, and there was nothing he could do, captain. What he said was true.
Grass-roots empire is waiting for terrible people. If there are weapons such as pistols, thunder and ray launchers in the closet, you can take them at will, but there are facilities such as is, controllers and sensors. Then don’t touch them casually. Be careful to trigger any traps and you will play big.
At this time, Lin Zhi showed that he was also a hacker and naturally saw that this is no problem.
So is quickly put on the tea table woman decisively to "have the energy to hit it! See what’s in it? "
"Burst" A ray appeared on the stereo screen, and a character mirror image was slowly synthesized. The room suddenly lit up, and everyone stared at the mirror image because it was a virtual email designed in advance.
The simulated figure is not on the river, but an intelligent assistant with a green cheongsam.
Ruyi shocked the scene with one bite. "Excuse me, is it the bearer or the general of the widow forces of Tianlong Army, Hong Bing?"
Red ice heart immediately to flame others are also showing a surprised expression.
Ruyi smiled and said, "Are you here to trace the grassroots empire?"
No one came out, but everyone felt the chill. The grassroots empire was awesome. Most people have learned about this man. The most terrible thing is that he is not only everywhere, but also always knows what you want.
Ruyi said, "If the first person in the Tianlong army can find this place, it must be the widow’s power, and the widow’s hand is most likely to find this place, it should be the red ice. I think the person in front of me must be the red ice."
Red ice’s calm face is so cold that it’s freezing.
Ruyi continued, "Hello everyone, please allow me to introduce myself. I am not a grassroots empire. I am his hand. A source code is specially here to welcome you. Now I am thinking about one thing, that is, Red Ice. You must be a knife to find your way here."
Hong Bing really wants to ask something, but she knows that this is a virtual email and it has been set up. You asked nothing.
Fortunately, Ruyi has already answered, "Actually, Red Ice, you don’t have to do this. This man is a bully, but he is afraid of death, but he wants you to spy on news. This is not a man’s job."
Everyone is quietly watching and listening to these words, which they have never heard before, because no one in the Tianlong army will be like this, and they don’t look like such people at ordinary times.
"I know everyone here doesn’t believe this." The wishful tone suddenly changed to be severe and dangerous. "But have you ever thought that the knife sent you here to die this time!"
As soon as the voice fell, a team member suddenly rushed in. "Boss, there are a large number of policemen outside!"
Red ice’s face changed, and she finally knew where she was wrong. This house is a trap. If you don’t come in, nothing will happen.



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