And now it seems that the picture quality is at least 7p, which is not too bad.

She slowly looked at the recording screen and saw ChuYao ask Bai Nan to sort out some details for her.
It includes the time when she had not arrived in that world before.
In addition, another document was prepared for Yan Re.
In it, all the details are divided, which is roughly to let Yan Re know which part she wants to see and skip directly to a few minutes and seconds.
Having this thing also saves Yan Re a lot of time.
In this way, she won’t have to spend too much time watching those things that don’t help her.
Chapter 141 Chapter 141
It’s almost lunch break now. Yan Re took advantage of her just watching the recording screen to sort out the world data and found some loopholes.
Generally speaking, there is no original situation in this world, and Yan Re has seen a relatively perfect world.
But there is something abnormal in one part of the world, which is not normal, but rather a bug.
This place is the entrance to the village
Yan Re carefully observed the village entrance and found some strange places. Chu Yao before adding and the data she transferred seemed to show that the data at the village entrance was so strange.
Weird places are only twice.
The first time was when Chu Yao left the village, and the second time was when Yan Re saw Ethan and Jack leaving with Leah on the screen just now.
The data changed when passing through the village entrance.
Follow this anomaly and Yan Re found a terrible thing.
This village entrance is like a gate.
Like Doraemon, it can connect to different places.
The only difference is that Doraemon can choose the place it wants to connect, but this village entrance can’t.
Even more amazing is that this village entrance delivery method is a bit special.
Only people who come out of the village can open the delivery, but there is no response when they enter the village from the outside.
This is why so many people enter the village but are not sent to other places.
This werewolf killing Tongwen Village has its own outside world.
Former ChuYao also happened to be able to be successfully sent to the outside world.
But this time Ethan and them were not so lucky.
Yan Re looked at the data fluctuation and could see that they seemed to have been sent to other worlds.
So which world … She can’t see what she wants to know at the moment, and she has to spend some time to investigate.
The quickest way is actually to go to the crossing department to inquire about the situation.
Before that … She has to tell Chu Yue about it first.
It’s no small matter that there is a delivery port in the small world of 3,000. If it is not handled as soon as possible … I don’t know what will happen.
Fortunately, no one wanted to leave the village before except Chu Yao.
Chu Yao was lucky enough to be sent to the world where werewolves kill fans, and the outside world did not find this loophole.
Unfortunately … Ethan, they have gone to other 3,000 small worlds.
After sorting out the information, Yan Re quickly ran to Chu Yue’s office
She knocked on the door of Chu Yue’s office and heard a "Jin" coming in.
She just pushed the door open. "Bss has something urgent to report to you …"
After reporting this incident with Chu Yue, Yan Re also got permission from Chu Yue to start preparing to deal with this matter.
In addition to finding out the world where Ethan and his family live now, Yan Re also wants to give the werewolf a complete original protection against any other bugs in this world.
After coming out of Chu Yue’s office, Yan Re began to inquire about the information of the werewolf killing fellow and tried to contact him.
The small world of 3,000 is formed in that these are all constructed by the doers.
If you want to give the werewolf a complete original, then Yan Re must publish this article in the name of the person who killed it before it can take effect.
So what she has to do now is to solve the problem first.
One more troublesome thing is that the pseudonym of the publisher of the novel cannot be changed.
That is to say, Yan Re needs to find a way to buy the pen name of the writer besides talking about this problem with the writer.
Or let the writer agree to the pen name transfer
After getting the contact information of that person, Yan Re made a message to that person.
Hearing the other end, the caller connected. "Hello, who is this?"
Listen to this, it’s a little young. It should be a young girl. It’s estimated that she’s only a teenager, probably ten.
Because the other person is younger, if Yan tries to put himself down as much as possible, so as not to leave a bad impression on other girls.
She has to be paid back to cheat money.
She put her voice in a lighter and softer voice. "Hello, I’m Yan Ruo from the time management bureau. Are you Cinderella?"
Cinderella is the pseudonym of the werewolf who killed the fellow traveler.
"Ah" across the street said, "That’s my pen name for writing online novels … What can I do for you?"
Although Yan Re admits that she has put her tone very gently and let herself speak as close to the people as possible, it may be because of the conversation that the little girl felt something was wrong.
Hear somebody else’s little girl carefully out YanRe secretly talked about a sigh of relief, will say all the things wrong.
As this matter has been approved by Chu Yue, this issue and the transfer of pen names will be borne by all companies. Yan Re is just a word.
Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Hearing Bai Nan calling Yan Re’s name, the girl beside him took a conscious look at Yan Re.
There is still some curiosity in the eyes.
YanRe look at this reaction, I feel that I guess I should be right about this little girl who is estimated to be talking to me just now.
After all, she just reported her name, and it is normal for the girl to be curious about herself when she hears her name.
Yan Re looked at Bai Nan’s appearance and estimated that she had to say something with the girl, so she took the initiative to move to the conference room first.
"Then I’ll go first."
See the meeting room door closed YanRe knocked on the door, nothing happened inside, she just pushed the door open.
After pushing the door open, I saw a notebook sitting in front of ChuYao in the conference room. Seeing that he has been staring at the screen and his hands have been moving, it is estimated that he is at work.
I knocked at the door just now. I guess he was too absorbed to hear it.



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