Zhao Jie nodded and walked forward, but Ellison Ma said, "Please stay outside."

War ghost sneered, "I heard that every three gods and one has the ability to monopolize three dragons and nine dragons. Why? Will she be afraid of me and my boss? "
Ellison shook his head with a firm look on his face.
"War ghost, you stay here." zhaojie said lightly and followed Ellison to the Ministry.
The two men walked through layers of corridors and halls until they came to a magnificent building that looked like the Forbidden City. Ellison stopped and said to zhaojie, "The Lord Hades is inside, please!"
Zhao Jie nodded and went straight to the door. Two five-meter-high wooden doors slowly revealed the magnificent hall inside.
Zhaojie walked in without hesitation and the door closed slowly behind him.
This is a super hall with half a football field. The pillars around it are all carved with gold. The golden pillars of Panlong are more than ten meters high. The ceiling is hung with bright night beads to illuminate the surrounding area, and all kinds of antique porcelain that look extremely precious are visited. These things decorate this hall like a palace.
More than 20 meters away from the gate, a throne as big as the Temple of Heaven but carved out of gold and Baoyu is more than two meters high. A beautiful woman in a long black dress is lying on the golden couch with her eyes closed and her head supported by one hand, which seems to be taking a nap.
If the door is so noisy, she can still sleep, then this woman is either an idiot or she is underestimating zhaojie’s IQ.
Zhaojie walked forward step by step, and the red carpet on the foot could give the sole a comfortable feeling even through the sole.
Go straight to the golden throne before zhaojie stopped to silently look at the golden couch woman.
As time goes by, the woman seems to have fallen into a deep sleep and has no intention of awakening.
Zhaojie sneered at a wave of his hand and then a piece of black leather sofa appeared behind him. The man also sat idly and poured himself a glass of red wine, gently shaking his eyes and staring at the red wine in the glass as if the wine would disappear automatically after a little relaxation.
Ten minutes later, the golden couch beauty suddenly said, "I really don’t know if you are a man. Is the wine in your cup more beautiful than me?"
"What do you mean?" zhaojie still didn’t go to see the beauty.
Black dress beauty pursed mouth way "hate! It’s been almost half an hour since you came in. You looked at me a few times when you first came in, and the rest of the time you were either looking around or looking at the wine in your glass. Am I that unattractive? "
"It’s not unattractive, but it’s a little unkind that Pluto’s adult status is still in act young?" Zhaojie also don’t lift said.
Hades don’t break the vitreous a smile "you dare to say I act young? But I like your tone! It’s been a long time since anyone dared to talk to me in this tone. "
"Sometimes a person is destined to sacrifice a lot of things, such as your sacrifice seems to be a friend."
Don’t break the vitreous face smile gradually disappear "you’re right once upon a time those comrades who fought side by side are gone! I miss the captain’s brother and those friends who took care of me when I was a little girl who was not sensible … "
"I’m sorry to remind you of a sad thing."
"No! In fact, I’d like to ask what you will sacrifice if you take the position. "
"Are you curious about such a thing?"
"That’s right"
Zhaojie said lightly, "Then I’ll tell you what I cherish and what I want to protect. No one can make me sacrifice them. If I become the king of this world, I will have my own freedom."
"Wang! ?” Don’t break the clouds and smile. "Once upon a time, I had your naive idea that you see, now I have abandoned this dream."
Zhao Jie said, "Becoming a king is not my dream, but it only makes my dream come true."
"your dream is to protect those people and things?" Don’t break vitreous curious way
"Yes, sometimes you have to have enough strength and power to fulfill your desire to protect. I’m just forced all the way to this point."
"Forced all the way? Forced to become a man worth 100 million? Forced to be a man who is hostile to all the peak walkers? " Don’t break vitreous quipped.
"It’s not that I’m hostile to you, but that my appearance makes you guys feel a sense of crisis. Even if I’m forced to stop the summit and fall into the abyss, there will eventually be a repairing bit. How many can you stop?"
Don’t break the clouds and sigh, "You’re right. We are all bound by our own altars. It’s hard to go any further, but is your road to the pyramid really so smooth?"
"Isn’t it?"
"Then let me ask you how many points do you have now?"
"The strength and spirit have reached Luolan Island. After the completion of the generous reward, zhaojie has indeed reached this figure.
"Then do you know how many points the spirit of Boccia has reached?"
"Mommy boccia? I don’t know "
"Her spirit has reached a thousand points." It is not surprising that she will die endlessly. "Wan Ciwang Gray’s spirit is 7,500 points, and the knife god Roger’s strength is 1,300 points, and the twilight eye is 7,300 points, and the physical strength is 100,000 points. Wan Li’s physical strength is 150,000. King Arthur Dragon’s strength and spirit are 7,700 points, and the spirit of the fairy goddess Sibisio is 7,200 points, and the war king Artua’s strength is 7,100 points, and the spirit of Lin Chong is 12
She took a deep look at zhaojie. "Do you know our gap now? Although your evaluation has reached 100 million, surpassing many of them, what really scares us is just your extraordinary ability beyond the realm of materialization. "
Zhaojie heart in a surprised but mouth still motionless color way "so what? The gap of thousands of points may be terrible among ordinary people, but now everyone has a super-domain person but may not be able to achieve the desired results. Even if the attributes have certain suppression, is your true self not as strong as one of them? "
"Of course not!" To zhaojie’s surprise, Unbreakable Cloud said, "I think you have a 60% winning rate against Tianlong Jiu, even Boccia, the strongest of them, but I want to ask you, can you really overthrow a force with you and several partners around you?"
"Can’t you?"
"It’s hard! You have just met Ellison, so let me ask you, do you know what his strength is? "
"How much?"
"6,200 points, and it’s not boasting that everyone in the Three Gods has at least ten specialty attributes exceeding 5,000 points. Of course, they are certainly not stronger than your companions who have mastered the transcendence. In the same way, everyone in Tianlong Jiu’s hands also holds a lot of specialty attributes around 5,000 points, and there are countless high-level elites, let alone those who have transcendence. Can you still overthrow one party easily now?"
Zhaojie was silent. He knew that the truth was that there was not much difference. It was as good as having the same number of nuclear bombs, even if it was stronger than zhaojie, and the pressure was enormous.
"Are you a little discouraged?" Don’t break vitreous laughed
"discouraged? What? " Zhaojie looked up and saw the deep fighting spirit in his eyes.
"What about having a lot of hands beyond the field? What about having many high-level elite hands? " Zhaojie got up and said with a full face of enthusiasm, "Anyone who stands in my way will be my stepping stone to the summit, which can stop me from having myself! Whoever wants to deal with me must pay enough, including you … "
His finger pointed to the throne woman "… hades don’t move the clouds!"
"You’re crazy" Don’t break the vitreous leng a chuckle.
Zhaojie sat back on the sofa and recovered his former indifferent expression. "Now that we have almost found out each other, let’s be honest. What benefits did Desset, the undead monarch of hades, give you to be on Terhi’s side when he tried him?"
"How do you know?" Don’t break the clouds and suddenly sit up.
Zhaojie snorted, "Don’t forget who I am."
"Yes, you mean to have the strongest insight in repairing bits." I don’t break the clouds and smile. "Well, to tell you the truth, the undead monarch did say that he would give me a heart-warming benefit, and before I saw you, I planned to deliberately suppress you like everyone else. But now that I see your style, I expect you to end this era of runaway!"
"You mean you won’t be on his side?"
"No, no!" Don’t break the clouds and blink slyly. "If you want me on your side, you need to give me more benefits than Desset!"
"That’s impossible," zhaojie said lightly. "I’m almost poor except for the crystal coins. Even my crystal coins estimate that you are far from looking down on my roots to give you benefits."
"No, you can." Unbelievable laughed. "But before I say what I want, I want to tell you that even if you buy me off, it’s as hard as trying to buy someone else."
"oh? What? "
Don’t break the clouds and reveal a mysterious smile. "Do you know what Desset wants to kill Terhi?"
Volume III I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods. Unexpected harmonious scene: zhaojie Bierces collision!



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