After Arya, the goddess of wealth, left, other human gods and demigods also set their own goals to Titan, but some of them conflicted with each other. Nolon was able to refuse several demigods or gods on a first-come-first-served basis.

There are also some gods who have the cheek to ask Titan to help them clean up the evil spirits first, and then pay after they have collected enough materials from Nolon. Of course, Nolon refused, but those who were photographed by Titan’s power failed to get credit, or their goals coincided with each other, or the demigods left the temple of Nolon without even saying malicious words.
Finally, after statistics, Nolon found that there were 13 cities and ten demons needed Titan to solve them. He was surprised by this large amount of wealth and was amazed at the number of monsters and spirits, but it was understandable to think about the endless world of games.
And when it’s settled here in Nuolong, Vera and the demigods in Titan’s domain have also agreed on the terms. Each Titan can get 10 million gold coins plus a strange weapon, or kill the demon Titan alone to get an artifact.
However, before Villa, the condition was that the Titan, a demigod, at least defeated three earth lords at the peak of the median god’s strength, and wanted to participate in Leo’s defeat. Finally, 23 Titans were selected to make moves and just divided the ten demons.
While the demons haven’t reacted, Vera Gordon and Redos teamed up to fight a Titan’s domain and send it to the mainland of Lafia, which made 23 Titans bound one after another.
A week later, when the demons were still dealing with the demons in their own territory, the human empire had been calm, and all the demons had been cleared up and the gods had built temples and churches in the severely damaged towns to help them rebuild their homes.
Chapter 32 Crushing the Holy Spirit (End)
Although things have been handled here in the human empire, there are still many demons lurking in various places. According to the requirements of the pre-meeting meeting, the three gods jointly transported them. The human gods Titan and the Angolan Zerg God led the Dragon Utopia Alliance. The Warcraft Empire Troll Empire Orc Empire Orc Empire Dwarf Kingdom, the Golden Elf Kingdom and the White Elf Kingdom are ready to seal all the demons in the mainland overseas.
Among them, the troll empire, the orc empire, the black iron dwarf kingdom and the white elf kingdom are all owned by the forces of the abyss demons to prevent such situations as "stabbing in the back" and "taking the opportunity to hand". Both sides agreed on their respective handling scopes, and jointly drove the demons out of Lafia mainland.
—————————————————————————————————————————————— The dividing line.
"I’m not reconciled. I’m not reconciled!"
This is a body that is more than seven meters long, with a fluffy and flexible tail but a huge shadow that is blind. The meerkat used to shine black and shiny, and its hair became dirty because of bloody soil. He was vigorous before his limbs disappeared, especially when a huge sharp weapon on his hind leg caused a scar, which greatly delayed his speed.
"Why do you mortals achieve gods to enjoy peace and happiness? We monsters have to get lucky in cruel fighting since childhood and will not be spared by you! I don’t, I don’t! "
Looking at the sight, the breath and strength suppressed himself, and at the same time, he brought himself into his field. The demigod, the mongoose, knew that he had made a desperate cry at this escape.
"I’m sorry, old mongoose" was heralded by this exorcism operation. blade master Anvill, the first in the human empire, drew his own "fire blade" sword from the mongoose body, slightly prompting the divine power. An ultra-high temperature flame cleared the blood stained with the sword just now.
"although I sympathize with your experience, who makes me human?"
Said Anvill pack up field looked at the bearing in the direction of another magic spirit.
"I haven’t started work for a long time to protect blade master. I want to have a good time this time. I hope that the earth bear can hold on for a while and let me cut two more swords."
As if he heard his master whisper and hung lightly on the left side of Anville’s waist, the fire blade’ Zheng’ also made a clear sound, as if he were looking forward to a battle like his master.
But this earth bear seems to have failed to live up to Anvill’s expectations. When blade master, the protector of the Beradian Empire, arrived, he just saw the earth bear being torn in half by the two demigods of Titan with a grimace. After the earth-shattering bear roared, the black and white eyes of the earth bear, which was ten meters tall, slowly lost their spirits. Bang! Two Titan demigods were sprayed with blood and the remains were thrown to the ground at will.
Because its residents are all animals, the Empire of Warcraft has also attracted many demons, but it has information about the magic net. The Empire of Warcraft soon mastered the location of these demons. The Titan demigods helped a middle-level god to kill leopards, a couple of white vultures who were also middle-level gods, two rare cigarettes, a black fox brother and sister, and a lava monster with high-level god power were all killed. In addition, three middle-level gods and one high-level god were escorted to overseas islands and their lives were honestly sealed.
On the other hand, the devil is used to the chaotic killing of the abyss, but he doesn’t have the idea of sealing them with pride. All the demons and demigods who are looking for demigods carry an abyss to send stones with them, and then return to the abyss with them when they meet the demon spirit. It doesn’t take much effort to send stones away immediately after some barren areas, such as fire or cold, except for some energy that can be replenished later.
It is worth noting that there are also several demons who are willing to join Morse in fighting after seeing the conditions of Archduke Morse.
But at this time, the high-level combat power made the Utopia Alliance, and both demigods were in Haibang, the main city of the sea orcs, but they were in big trouble.
Breaking the waves and surging waves are coming one after another, which is a port city. Haibang has no resistance to the sudden arrival of this huge tsunami.
What’s more, the sea orcs have a huge mouth of ocean devourer and the shelter of ocean ripper Kun. Even the owner of the sea goddess is not willing to offend them in the ocean. How did this inexplicable tsunami come about?
The sea orcs civilians don’t know that their own high-level officials have actually had a gap with the two living totems that they have worshipped for more than 200 years, which has caused them to no longer take refuge in the giant mouth and Kun.
Of course, those high-level sea orcs, such as the people’s congress of the sea orcs, sacrificed Alston, his brother, the sea orc demigod Arukat, knew about this.
But with the huge mouth of the sea devourer and the sea ripper Kun abandoning the sea orcs, the suffering is still just beginning
After the tsunami, the sea animals were attacked suddenly. People didn’t see their families and friends lose their houses and property. They cried thousands of times, such as mud, sea crabs, toothy turtles, swamp shrimps. The sea animals landed with huge waves. They were usually docile. They bit their teeth when they saw people. I don’t know how many sea orcs died in this time.
"Run away!"
"sea beasts, where are our sea beasts!"
"Don’t don’t … ah!"
Originally, these sea beasts came to help them rebuild their homes and planned to meet them back. People of the sea beasts suffered cruel killings and blows. After a shock, almost all the sea orcs fled in sorrow. Many sea orcs still could not understand how the ordinary docile sea beasts suddenly lost their strength and sat on the ground.
But the sea animals don’t care so much. They are ordered to kill every land creature they see. The sea animals have never considered what to do if they suddenly resist all the time, but the sea state will fall in an hour.
What, you asked those orc professionals where their two demigod leaders went?
Look over there, those who were taken care of by the five, six, and half gods and sea animals were torn apart, and you can barely see that the prototype is a few rotten pieces of meat.
In one day, more than 200,000 sea orcs in Haibang were wiped out, and the treasure house of sea orcs became wandering. Many rich sea orcs lost their wealth in their homes, and there was not even a gold coin left.
With the collapse of the main city and other races also learning from special channels (Nolon smiled and said nothing) that the sea orcs had been abandoned by their totems, the whole Utopia alliance set off a wave of crusade against the sea orcs. The original 100,000 sea orcs quickly shrank, and several cities originally controlled by the sea orcs were embezzled by the four sides, and a large number of sea orcs became "legal slaves". The three hegemons of Utopia have become history.
In the end, less than 2,000 sea orcs traveled overseas and were lucky enough to find several small islands in the environment to recuperate here.
But the giant eloquence won’t tell them that these islands are specially selected by him, and volcanic islands will erupt in a few years.
Chapter 32 Conspiracy
"Hydera, don’t you think we’re moving a little slow?"
Just as the gods cleared away the evil spirits and prepared for the upcoming battle, Nolon returned to the temple in the tattoo of the gods and talked to Hydera about his thoughts.
"What do you mean?" Looking at the epic battle scene with great interest through the ultra-long-range line of sight, Hydera heard Nolon’s question and was puzzled. The scene was interrupted and she looked back at Nolon.
Nolon casually pulled up a chair and sat down in Hydera. She said to her, "Look, according to the low-level progress of the game, we are much faster than before, but according to the division of power, except for one who is barely a role, Galaman Da was killed, and none of the other skeleton-level boss fell, right?"
"Really?" Hydera thought about it carefully and found that it was true. Yes.
"But this God War is different from the game. It’s Lord Dilaya and Lord Dilavia who test you!" Nolon shook his head. "Although we don’t know to what extent this test is qualified, I don’t think it’s a good thing for mainland Lafia to let the war between two big powers slowly change into a tug-of-war like this."
"Then what do you think should be done?" Hyderabad also came for nothing at this time. If it develops in the center of Lafia mainland according to the process in the game, Cameron Plain will be smashed into pieces, and the whole Lafia mainland will be divided into two parts. If it is in the game, it will be a new information piece, but in reality, it will be declared that it has failed this assessment!
"I think we should get the first hand!" Nolon’s face is somewhat cold. In Hydera’s view, Nolon has a somewhat villain **oss posture at the moment.
"You see, now, whether we or demons are dealing with the evil spirits, we are not in the body for a while, but other gods don’t know that we have a hundred gods in Titan, so I think we can start in this respect."
"Oh" Listening to Nolon’s idea, Hydera became interested. She waved and pulled two cans of drinks from nowhere, threw them to Nolon, and attracted several boxes of snacks to float in the middle.
"Tell me about it, Nolon. What do you think?"
"I think we can do this." After taking a sip of the drink thrown by Hydera, Nolon shivered and frowned. "Although the newly acquired gods and titans can’t fully exert their godlike power, many of them have the strength to deal with demigods, even if they are just two against one and not four against one, can they always beat them?"
Weighing the strength of a demon spirit and those new demigod titans, Hydera nodded and said, "Well, that’s right. Two strikes one is a little dangerous. Four strikes one base is no problem."
"Well, let’s go on." With the authentication of the powerful people, Nolon smiled and went on. "So we can unlock 20 less powerful top Titan demigods, Hydra. What do you mean by 20?"
"It happens to be a hero fighting vice!" Speaking of which, Hydera’s eyes are bright.
"That’s right, it’s the minimum number of heroes." Nolon raised his eyebrows. "This is a force that no god can ignore. Besides, with Ellie and Lala, you can bring Azer, the succubus queen’s sister Nalisa, Nabelika, and finally, how about Gordon Villa and Redos? Isn’t this a skeleton boss team that can hang orange?"
The more Nolon said, the brighter Hydera’s eyes became. When Nolon saw it, he offered a sacrifice while the iron was hot. Every player refused the magic skill.
"How about this is the real watermark on the scene? The three-dimensional demon Dagong has fallen. Haidra, a veteran player who has been in a different plane for more than five years, aren’t you interested in getting a live broadcast?"
"I’ll listen to you." After the fun was over, Nolon mobilized Hydera to kill the drink in his hand. "Pa!" Pat it on the white skirt, revealing half of the warm white thigh. "Go ahead, Nolon, I’ll help you deal with some details. If you can’t hang Moss in the game, then blow him up in reality!"
"No problem!" Now that the goal has been achieved, Hyderabad promised to help Nolon, naturally, he can rest assured that "the demon Archduke Moss is strong, but we Titan are not vegetarians. This battle is definitely a enter the dragon Hyderabad, so just watch it!"
As soon as Hydera was settled here, Nolon took Ellie and Lala non-stop to find Vera, who was sitting in the Titan’s domain and controlling the game, and said to them.
Listening to Nolon’s risky plan, Vera wanted to refuse, but in the end she thought about it and called all the gods in Titan to discuss this important matter together.


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