Wu Ping pressed his heart and said that he was already ready to answer "Since the gentleman returned to Haicheng master two years ago … master, he hasn’t put much thought into his business in the house. Plus, in the past two years, a group of exiled gangsters have come out of town, and many of our goods have been robbed by those gangsters. Master has been trusting the quack doctor and made a lot of confused decisions. I really can’t stop it."

Wu Ping spoke sincerely until the end, and even forced two tears out of his eyes.
The first lady doesn’t know anything about business, but she looks at the clothes shops and jewelry shops that she used to like, and now they have all become other people’s things. She immediately doesn’t like it.
"No, it’s all left to Tianjiao by the master. How can someone else take it to Wu Ping? Go and get it back for me."
Wu Ping smell speech with a wry smile "lady somebody else this thing is notarized by the government".
The big lady hasn’t answered the words yet, and Luo Tianjiao has some disdain and said, "The government? What is the government? I, commander Liu Xiao of Qingcheng Mountain, have classmates’ feelings. He happens to be on standby in Qingcheng Mountain now and wants me a message. He can lead a group of people to help me with a small town government. I’d like to see if they can resist me. "
Because of the war, the political system outside has already collapsed, which is almost the same as that of the small officials who came to Qingping Town. Fortunately, the new dynasty was successfully built when the previous dynasty perished. At this time, there is still a small government in Qingping Town who can take charge.
But for Luo Tianjiao, this small town government is really nothing.
His adoptive father is a famous businessman in Haicheng, and he has made friends with many businessmen and warlords behind his adoptive father. Even if he has official documents and what belongs to him, even if he can’t see it, it’s not for others to get their hands on it.
Luo Tianjiao pointed at Wu Ping and said, "I hope that man is a well-advised person. If he can return the things to me before noon, I will let bygones be bygones, but if he is lucky, don’t blame me for being ruthless."
How could his eyesight fail to see that Wu Ping was hiding something from him? But Luo Tianjiao, at this time, Wu Ping took advantage of the people in the dark to facilitate the other party.
He thinks he is a magnanimous Wu Ping, and he stayed in Luo’s home for more than ten years. Luo Tianjiao, a veteran, gave each other a chance.
He said that no matter where he was, Wu Ping’s ugly face went straight out of Master Luo’s room.
Wu Pingze is stiff body in situ for half a day before slightly staggered out of the room.
He had to tell Xier about it quickly, and things seemed to develop in the worst direction they had expected.
What did Wu Ping do after he went out? Let alone Luo Tianjiao’s side. After he left the room, he sent away his side and followed a few people, and then he began to wander around the house.
Of course, it doesn’t matter if he has no eyes, because no matter how he wandered around, he finally walked in the direction of the dilapidated small courtyard where Shen Yu lived in Luofu
Soon a small courtyard with low walls and dilapidated wooden doors appeared in the sight of Luo Tianjiao.
This is the place where Luo Tianjiao walked to the hospital with a casual look.
At this time, the gate of the courtyard is open. Luo Tianjiao can just see the girl lying in the lounge chair in the courtyard.
There was no one else in the yard except the girl. Luo Tianjiao stood at the door for a moment and didn’t hold back and went directly into the yard.
The girl was lying in the chair and looked at the girl carefully.
Because of the hot weather, the girl is wearing a thin green jacket at this time, which is a little old and plain to the extreme, but wearing it on the girl at this time still makes Luo Tianjiao see a somewhat gorgeous feeling
He thought she shouldn’t be like this, shouldn’t live in such a shabby house, shouldn’t wear such shabby clothes and shouldn’t live such a miserable life
A woman like this should be touched by a man and pampered well. Only the most precious thing in the world can match her beauty.
Staying in her father’s backyard really wronged her.
And Luo Tianjiao thinks that he suspects that this is a good person who can treat her well.
He doesn’t care if the other person is his aunt, but his father is dead now, isn’t he? Besides, my father treated her like that and broke her legs so that she couldn’t walk, so he just wanted to atone for her father.
Luo Tianjiao looked down again, perhaps because the summer weather was too colorful, and a few drops of glittering and translucent sweat oozed from the girl’s neck, and because of her posture at this time, those drops of sweat conveniently flowed in from her collar.
Los tianjiao looked at this scene and suddenly felt a little thirsty. He looked at the girl in front of him and bit her lip. He was just about to stretch out his hand and touch her face.
A voice suddenly rang behind him.
"What do you want?"
Luo Tianjiao was startled when he heard this. He quickly withdrew his hand and then turned to look at the direction of the sound.
A page in a bunt is watching him by the gate not far behind him.
After seeing the face of Luo Tianjiao clearly, the page’s pupil shrank, and then he said in a shocked way, "Gentleman, why are you here?"
Whether Luo Tianjiao will come or not, he thought that this page had a wrong attitude before. He panicked and explained, "I happened to pass by here and came to see Aunt Thirteen. I didn’t expect her to be sleeping."
He finished and asked first, "Are you a slave in this courtyard? Why don’t you stay with the Lord and wait to go out and run around? "
The page hung his head and said, "Aunt needs hot water to wash. The slave went out to collect firewood."
Collecting firewood?
Los tianjiao frown at each other, only to find that this page is indeed carrying a bundle of firewood.
But when did Aunt Luofu even need a slave in her own courtyard to pick up the hot water and firewood? Isn’t this what the kitchen delivers every day?
Luo Tianjiao didn’t ask any more questions. His heart was already white at this time. This was because someone was making things difficult for the sinking fish. His face sank and he walked away. When he passed by the low-headed page, his footsteps paused again.
"What’s your name?"
"Back to the gentleman, the slave’s name is Dazhuang."
"Dazhuang is a good name."
I don’t know how to look honest in front of people, but Luo Tianjiao just raised a little resistance to each other from the bottom of his heart
However, after carefully looking at the page’s face, he soon found the reason himself. Perhaps the other person looks too unlike a page, but he looks like a young master who ran out with someone.
Luo Tianjiao’s heart is a little dissatisfied with the arrangement of this page to the sink fish yard. How can such a person look like this be placed next to the harem in the government? This is not nonsense!
He thought that he would send someone to transfer this page later and directly bypass Shen Xi and walk out of the gate.
He’s not afraid that Shen Xi saw a sunken fish, and now he’s his aunt. If he does something, wouldn’t he have defiled two names for no reason?
Luo Tianjiao never does anything he is not sure about. Even if he thinks about how to occupy his aunt now, he must think of a justified reason.
In ancient times, the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty ordered Yang Guifei to keep filial piety for five years, and it was justified that her imperial concubine occupied her son’s princess.
Luo Tianjiao felt that Tang Huang was a bad person before, but this time he was grateful to the other party for leaving him such a law.
There happens to be a buddhist nun in a building near Qingping Town. When the time comes, his father will keep filial piety and ask her to become a monk first and then return to vulgarity later. Wouldn’t it be justified for them to be together?
Luo Tianjiao is contemplating all this in his heart, but he has never considered whether another hero in his plan agrees with his plan.



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