EH, these people have not been played by others, but they are still very fond of it.

Today, I think there is another project that can abuse vegetables, called the ceremony of joining the team for newcomers, and they become excited one by one, just like a group of perverts who see beautiful women.
Actually, it’s almost the same. A newcomer with a good level is really hard to find for those who dislike the general rookie skills and are not abusive enough.
Generally speaking, these newcomers who can be recruited into professional teams have very good basic skills and potential, but their actual performance level can’t be compared with those of their predecessors who have fought for several seasons.
After the joining ceremony, the newcomers will make rapid progress after a lot of training for their own weaknesses and polishing some games. It will take about a season to have their own independent play, that is, to improve their level and be a qualified substitute for a team.
It is said that in the ceremony of joining the new team, the new team is a good opportunity for these old-fashioned professional players to teach the rookie a lesson.
If there is a rookie who feels good about himself, he is not far from you, but in your eyes, he is far from you, so do you want to play with him?
Or just say that if someone pretends to be thirteen in front of you, do you really want to make him a real thirteen and let him know why flowers are so red?
The ceremony of joining the new team is such an opportunity.
Although Lin Feng was photographed in EH fame and didn’t show the same performance as some newcomers who had just joined the team, pig’s head dishes and DCG and others naturally wouldn’t miss a good opportunity to abuse newcomers.
You know, the BM once said a very disgusting thing.
Perhaps many BM fans think this is a very personal, domineering and stylish sentence.
"The real butcher doesn’t just kill VIGOS with one blow, but grabs the opponent and slowly plays with his hope, then stubbs out his hand bit by bit, drives him to the abyss of despair, enjoys the pleasure of his struggle in life and death, and then plays with him to death."
This is also the official reason why many people still choked on LIKE personally, although he was famous for his impressive achievements in major competitions with BM and Butcher.
What kind of mentality do many people think he is? Pure psychopathy
The creed "Real butchers don’t kill their opponents directly, but enjoy the pleasure of their opponents struggling on the edge of life and death, and then slowly play with them to death" has gradually spawned some styles of play, among which the more famous is that passers-by butchers sell meat.
Phase shoes and challenge headscarves were well equipped, and the butcher’s pursuit of people all over the world was once popular.
More or less people have a kind of abuse in their hearts.
This kind of heart is now eager to try, EH, and everyone has been well reflected
Ah Fan helped Lin Feng debug the machine in the training room and then silently watched Lin Feng enter the first competition around a group of seniors.
Although ah fan really wants to have a good time with Lin Feng and play a two-to-five game with these five wretched bastards now.
But the rules of the bridal ceremony have already come.
A person facing five overall strength bases is not lower than that of his professional players.
This is a hurdle! Taking turns to challenge is not only a physical test for a player, but also a method to examine a player’s ability to line up and kill alone.
Say it’s a hurdle
But to a great extent, these newcomers face such a challenge, which is simply a round of tragic humanitarian torture.
Not only to establish prestige for the seniors, but also to give the newcomers a good technical and practical lesson.
However, many newcomers were completely wiped out by these seniors at the joining ceremony, and the small universe in their hearts doubted its potential before its own small universe broke out.
The entry ceremony of a good professional club not only builds the prestige of the old players and understands the technical level of the newcomers, but also attaches great importance to the protection of their confidence.
Most of the time, newcomers will be deliberately given a few heads when they are defeated, so that newcomers can feel a little hope and not despair completely.
This measure is very important. If the old players give more heads, it may make the newcomers feel confident and self-expanding. If they give less, it can generally be regarded as a consolation prize.
You know, even if there is a human figure, in a story of many men and one woman, the mentality of female pig feet is generally to resist first, then numb, and then enjoy.
However, in the DOA joining ceremony, the newcomers who were tortured to death in different ways will become more and more depressed in the face of the explosion of line-consuming piles against A and ubiquitous psychological warfare, and it is difficult to enjoy the game in the end.
After all, it is always more important for professional players to win the competition position.
This weight is often very important in professional competitions.
Today, Hua Dan, the first pig’s head dish, was naturally cultivated by EH in recent years, although he always hoped to give Lin Feng an unforgettable lesson and let Lin Feng have an unforgettable morning and an unforgettable competition.
However, pig’s head dishes still pay more attention to discretion, and they choose to play general VIP by themselves.
You know, although a pig’s head dish at the third position is the least good at heroes, VIP is a pig’s head dish, and it is difficult to integrate how to adjust your feel and VIP trajectory
And come out of the request has been approved by the pig’s head.
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