Big honey pointed to Ye Qing and said, "Isn’t he a star player?"

Ye Qing immediately smiled awkwardly and hurriedly said, "Uncle, don’t listen to Honey’s nonsense. Where am I a star player? I’m a national name now. Few people know my family. Remember that we all won the championship team. Those of us who were eliminated before we entered the finals were not noticed."
"You are less modest! I think it’s only a matter of time before your strength becomes famous. If it weren’t for being in our team, you might have won the championship. Your strength is sure that many teams will want you now. You can bring great power to a team. "Honey is very serious and tunnel.
Big honey’s father couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. "Xiaoye, don’t be too modest. You see, honey is a great admirer of you. I believe you will not lose money if you run the club seriously. I’ll go to bed first and you young people will arrange it yourself."
With that, Big Honey’s father got up and walked to the second floor. Big Honey and Ye Qing looked at each other and then they couldn’t help smiling at each other. Big Honey said, "Is my dad really annoying? Asking questions is also an idiot … "
"It’s normal that he is an amateur, but I think your father has a good business mind and will never lose money in business. You should learn more from him!" Leaf tilt is very serious tunnel
"If I had followed him, I wouldn’t have given you such a high salary in the first place. This is the biggest loss. You guys are exploited!" Big honey lifted up her head and said with a smile
"Then you still don’t learn to be yourself with your dad!" Ye Qing immediately turned the tune and made Big Honey giggle.
Chapter 564 Find a strong team to play
Ye Qing stayed at Dami’s house until very late, and after being strongly retained by Dami’s mother, she finally agreed to stay at Dami’s house for one night and then go to the club with Dami the next day.
Big honey’s mother arranged a side room for Ye Qing, which is far away from the big honey room. At least several rooms are separated. It is self-evident that she doesn’t want Ye Qing to secretly find Big Honey at night.
Ye fell in love with Reagan, so he obediently went to the room to sleep. Honey also knew her mother very well. Probably because Ye leaned in the room and kissed her forehead yesterday, her mother became wary and worried that something would happen when the two of them couldn’t control themselves at the party.
After she dumped Ye in that room, she smiled at Ye at the door and said with a smile, "You should sleep honestly at night and don’t run around our door, but if it’s locked, don’t try!"
Ye Qing smell speech is very wronged immediately. "When did I sliver? Don’t worry, I must have slept through the night. I won’t have any thoughts even if you leave the door open. "
"I’m just saying what you’re excited about, so I’ll go to bed first. Good night." Big honey waved and then skipped to Yeqing Gate to observe the situation of a room, which seemed to be rarely occupied but still very clean.
The room layout is very neat and elegant, and there is a large-sized ceiling chandelier, which is a European crystal lamp. The French window is very beautiful, and there are several lazy sofas next to the curtains, and there is a small round coffee table with a gorgeous carpet on the ground.
Ye Qing thinks that if this is his own room, it must be very comfortable to live in it. It is very comfortable to lie on the bed. Ye Qing puts a too-shaped shape. The whole person relaxes and soon feels sleepy. He yawns, closes his eyes and soon falls asleep.
He dreamed that he had made great achievements in the F world and won many championships. He eventually became a rich man with fame and fortune, and then bought a suite and lived in it very comfortably. When he woke up, he found that it was a fool’s dream, and there was not much time for a dream from night to dawn, but he felt like he had experienced a life.
He sat up and shook his head and felt that the dream was very real, as if he had foreseen the future, but he knew it was impossible. It must be his own beautiful vision. He had to work hard and everything in his dream could come true in the future. He didn’t like others and other things, and he liked to create things by himself.
This room is very comfortable, but he doesn’t want it if Dami asks him to move in. He hopes to buy a house himself and then decorate such a comfortable room so that he can sleep soundly. After getting up, Ye Qing saw several servants in the living room busy cleaning and several owners haven’t got up yet, so he went straight to the garden to get some fresh air.
This villa is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The air is very good and quiet. I can hear the crisp birds calling Ye, stretch myself, and then wander around it. I feel that living in this place is so comfortable that people will forget all their troubles.
"Ye Qing, you got up early and came back for breakfast!" Big honey came from the entrance of the garden. Ye Qing turned to look at her, then nodded and walked back slowly.
After breakfast, Dami went to the garage with Ye Qing. She pointed to the black q7 and said, "You come and I’ll guide you. You can come to me alone after you remember the road."
Ye Qing took out his car keys and got into the cab without saying a word. He just learned to drive. It is a happy thing to have a car. He is a very lucky person. When he just learned to drive, he directly became a luxury car, and it is a luxury to use it to practice his hand.
Ye Qing took a deep breath to calm his mind, and then he thought about Honey and taught him every step. Audi q7 slowly retreated and the garage door had already risen in Honey’s remote control.
The car slowly withdrew from the garage, and then the steering wheel was tilted a dozen times. This time, the front of the car was smoothly adjusted to the direction of the gate, and then the villa was commanded by Dami and all the way to the club.
After parking the car, Ye Qing still feels a little unsatisfied. Honey understands his mood very well, holding his arm and saying, "There are still many opportunities for the next car. When you get more, you will hate the car just like I do now."
"It’s impossible for cars to be so interesting. How can you be bored? Now I think cars are the second thing that interests me besides F." Ye Qing was very excited and tunnel.
"It’s too early to say now. You’ll know then. Let’s go first." Big honey said with a smile.
They took the stairs, and then Dami went straight to her office and didn’t come back to work for two days. She felt full of energy, but Ye Qing went to the training room, but at this time he was alone in the training room, and no one else had come yet.
As soon as he got off the plane and entered the game, Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang came in. When they saw Ye Qing, they all gave a wretched smile. Dong Laoer smiled hey hey and then went to Ye Qing’s side and said, "Where did the boss go last night?" Why don’t you stay at night? "
"You don’t care. Why don’t I tell you where I’m going?" Ye Qing didn’t good the spirit tunnel
Dong Laoer pulled up a chair to sit down and then laughed. "You don’t talk to me. I’m curious, aren’t you?" If you don’t tell us, then we can guess at random whether to warm the bed for any sister? "
"Your sister is not evil, you will die? I went to see Michelle last night, stayed late at her house and then slept at her house. "Ye Qing is very authentic.
"Sleep with her?"
"I have a room alone!"
"Didn’t sneak past late?"
"You and I are you? Brother is a gentleman! "
"But you are also a normal man!"
"I still have a normal brain in her house. Do I dare to behave in such a way? If her father knows, he won’t strangle me! "
"But doesn’t her father sleep?"
"But I fell asleep as soon as I * * * …"
"I am destined to be lonely for a lifetime by reeling!" Dong Laoer and Zhao Xiayang are two people with different mouths and tunnels.
At this time, Thomas also came in and saw several people chatting and asked, "What are you talking about?"
"Recently, Russia is eager to move towards Ukraine, and the United States, on behalf of NATO countries, is eyeing us. We are discussing how China should resolve this dispute for a long time. Finally, we think this kind of problem should be handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to worry about. What do you think?" Leaves a solemnly to Thomas way
Thomas smell speech to zheng, "you are all fucking Pacific police tube wide! Salty radish is a light worry! "
"Wow, I can also say two-part allegorical sayings and idioms!" Dong middle child is very dismayed tunnel
At this time, Pearl Krabs came in again. She said with a faint smile, "Good morning, everyone!"
"Good morning!" Zhao xia yang and Thomas quickly beat replied.
Ye Qing is very calmly nodded toward her. Dong Laoer leaned lazily in the chair and said, "Good morning."
Pearl Krabs sat down in her seat and knocked her brains out. It was very comfortable to see Ye leaning back in her chair with her legs crossed. She couldn’t help but tunnel, "You look in good spirits today. Do you want to find a strong team to practice?"
Ye Qing gave her a look at the smell speech and then said, "A strong team can find it if it’s not looking for it. It’s hard to find it."
"Who says I can find three of the five gun gods? I know them all and have played F together. Now two of them are in a team and one is in another team. I should be able to find them as sparring partners for us!" Pearl Krabs very confident tunnel
The three gun gods she said were Ji Xiaofeng, Feng Xiao and Luo, and two of them liked her very much. She had a fight and became enemies. These two people were Feng Xiao and Luo.
The two men once said that they would never be in the same team, even if they were with me. When the Royal Forbidden City team recruited the five gun gods, Feng Xiao agreed to join Solo and immediately refused.
Hearing Pearl Krabs say this, Ye Qing laughed. "It seems that you are quite attractive. You are high above the gun gods and you have to give it to you. Well, then you can join a team to fight with us. Let these guys converge. Don’t feel that you are the first in the world. Let them know that there are mountains outside the mountains."


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