This seems to be more right.

That player was killed by Zhu Yeqing and them in a fog, and we tried to see it in a fog, which turned me into a player.
Lin Weiwei also continued to analyze, "It is very likely that I have seen many American sci-fi movies take people from the earth and children for training, and then attack the earth. Alien creatures don’t have much life or don’t want to sacrifice their own people. It is very likely that these people are the people from the earth who have been benefited."
Analyze clearly.
We all have a nod left. Although there are still many questions, it feels very possible.
Zhu Yeqing also said, "Sister, your IQ is not white. So you mean that the earth was attacked by aliens and we were sent to the earth by aliens. They are called players, right?"
Lin nodded slightly. That’s the feeling.
I’m still saying, "I’m a player now, but I can be on an equal footing with them, so are you. Although I haven’t understood my ability, there is still a body in that supermarket. If you find that person, a human player will appear in Yu Pei."
This all brightened up at the moment. "Yes, that’s it. We can’t just sit back and wait. They are too powerful. The government and the military are dying. Let’s fight ourselves and not die in vain."
Even the crying girl said, "I feel the same way. Now that the aliens are here, let’s fight with them."
South Korea’s little girl Loli Young Hee is holding a small fist and saying, "Young Hee cheers for Obaoni", and she laughs.
Zhu Yeqing said, "I’m slightly injured, so it’s better for you to go. It’s easier for you and Xiaofan to become players. Go and act before it’s completely dawn."
It’s almost over.
Now is the right time to go.
Lin Weiwei added, "We should first familiarize Xiaofan with the player’s ability. He can’t understand it by himself. Let’s help him analyze it first. It’s not too late for him to understand it before he can act. Anyway, we said that they will stay here for a few days. Maybe there will be dead players in other places, and then everyone will be like them."
I have seen it for everyone. I hope that everyone will nod their heads and study this player system.
Chapter 1 General Limitation
All four girls looked at me with blinking eyes.
I don’t know how to manipulate it there, such as touching my ears or starting something, but there is nothing. I can cough a "all"
The result really shows, "Excuse me, player Zeng Xiaofan, what do you need to wake up again? You are too close to the natives, please solve it quickly or leave."
I shook my head again and again and said, "I’m a novice, so I just want to ask if this player can introduce me to him."
The system shows a long section this time.
"Novice players will start the limited first combat limit after entering the vice for the first time, which will enable you to have and select all skills to start the combat mode.
The second redemption limit has points to store and exchange things, equipment, potions, antidotes and other things after gaining combat points or before entering the game.
The third pet limit novice can catch a pet in the first vice, but please choose properly when catching a pet will follow the player for a long time. "
Said a lot.
But I feel that the most important thing in front of me is this redemption limit and pet limit, which makes me shine.
Because I remember that I got 1 point before I went into a coma. What else can I capture? The soul of a zombie dog should be the pet limit.
I asked, "Don’t I have 1 point? What can I exchange for that 1 point? What are the potions? Are there any convertible weapons? "
Tong replied, "Player Zeng Xiaofan, you don’t have 1 point, but 100,000 points. You prepared 100,000 points before registering as a novice. These points are enough for you to change things."
"so good"
100,000 points killed a zombie dog with a corpse eye, and only 10 points were given, and 100,000 points came out. It was a great luck, and the player’s points were mine.
I said, "Then exchange me a bottle of medicine that can treat arrow wounds. I was shot by an energy bow and arrow."
Bamboo leaves are still hurting. Try it first. Anyway, there are a lot of points.
Tong immediately said, "Is it converted into reality or in the player’s case?"
"in reality"
There’s something to think about. It’s really a player’s game
As a result, a white light flashed and a bottle of blue potion appeared in my hand, which scared me.
Tong also said, "This is a common medicine for treating trauma. Just pour it directly on the wound and the bottle will be automatically withdrawn."
"It’s amazing."
I can’t imagine that just showing up and holding it in my hand really makes me smile there.
Four women are always watching me talk to myself. Usually, a bottle pops up at this moment and says, "What’s going on? You said to yourself there to study how there is another bottle."
"Yes, Oba, you seem to know magic. Young Xi is so envious."
The Korean girl also reached out and touched the bottle.


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