Du Lingxiao left two men to ambush behind Gate A, and he won’t let the other side sneak up on him again. The other three went to Avenue A.

After arriving at Avenue A, Du Lingxiao saw that there was no other person on Avenue A, and he couldn’t help but wonder if the other person had won the troops to outflank him. He hurriedly woke up and arranged for his two teammates behind Gate A to be on high alert and never let the other side sneak up on him.
As soon as he woke up outside Gate A, a flash bomb was thrown in, and the position was just right. The two people behind the door were all dodged. Both of them dared not move for fear that if something happened, the other party would know their position. Now they can hope that the other party will be careless and not check behind the door.
Now that you’ve lost the flash bomb and said that the other party is still very cautious, how can you not check the back of a door? Ye Qing’s analysis of people’s hearts is quite powerful. He knows that Du Lingxiao will definitely take precautions this time after his own sneak attack in the next round. It is impossible to leave his back to him to prevent being ambushed by the other side. Ye Qing lost a flash bomb first, which is safer.
Pearl Krabs and he then rushed in. Almost at the same time, they saw the two enemy machine gunners behind the door, and they all said in their hearts that they had a "narrow squeak". Then they did not hesitate to shoot at the two men.
The two men lost their vision, and they were killed in the blink of an eye. Du Lingxiao and others turned around when they heard the gun. At this time, the screen had already brushed out two death messages. Du Lingxiao’s heart sank and he knew that death must have been arranged by him. The two men were very depressed and hurriedly made the others find shelter on the spot to fight.
They can’t go to point A now, because even if there is no one at point A, they occupy platform A, and there is no one. Who are you hitting? If someone can’t attack quickly, the pursuers will arrive behind them, and they will die faster when they are attacked between Scylla and Charybdis.
Du Lingxiao is most worried that even if the defender at point A is killed, the horse can launch a counterattack again after the resurrection of the other person. The platform at point A is too close to the other base, and they have no advantage at all, but they are easily surrounded by the other party.
He and Pearl Krabs didn’t rush out after they killed each other and ambushed two people, but at Ye Qing’s command, they threw two flash bombs outside Cave A, and then they rushed out together. Three people in the Big Dipper Palace were hidden in the middle of W, in order to prevent someone at Point A from touching from Avenue A, so his base couldn’t help Du Lingxiao and others.
It is reasonable for him to take precautions. After all, it is not clear how many enemies are attacking in the direction of Gate A now. What if someone is on the platform? Just after Nalan and Pearl Krabs rushed out, Zhao xia yang and Thomas both flashed to the slope, and the Tianxuan star emerged just to see that Zhao Xiayang was shot in the thigh immediately, but he was scared to retreat. Thomas also found the position of Tianxuan star. He didn’t have a gun but aimed at the place where Tianxuan star shrank.
Du Lingxiao and Tianxing showed their posture on both sides and Pearl Krabs Nalan confronted the gun. Although he heard the ak gun this time, it was not from Ye Qing’s gun, but Nalan’s gun. Du Lingxiao played against Ye Qing many times, and he was quite familiar with the rhythm of Ye Qing’s some shots. As soon as he heard the rhythm of Na Lan, he felt that it was wrong and he could tell that the ak gunner was not Ye Qing.
He immediately guessed where Ye Tilted. Did Ye Tilt defend on the platform of point A? Just as he guessed, Ye Qing suddenly flashed out and shot at him without hesitation, and Pearl Krabs and he also caught fire on him. He suddenly felt pressure doubled and his posture was difficult to show. He was beaten by a dense bomb and his blood volume plummeted
"God forbid!" Du Lingxiao came and shouted, so he was killed by Ye Qing, and he also took the opportunity to give him some death. Later, Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs joined forces to point some at him, and he was killed.
Tianxuan Star knows that Du Lingxiao’s roar is to let him flash out and kill Ye Qing, but he also has difficulties. Where dare he stir up so easily? The other sniper is not a vegetarian. Once he stir up to deal with Ye Qing, the other sniper has at least a 10% chance to kill him.
Even if his own life is replaced by Ye Qing’s life, he can avoid the team’s downfall. He is not sure that Ye Qing can be killed, but now he is in an awkward position. Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs will definitely move closer and the other sniper will definitely continue to deter him on the platform slope. He can avoid it in the middle of W, and once the other gunner jumps to shoot him in close quarters, he will resist.
He has been back to W, hoping to hold out until he died. The two teammates came to reinforce them. At this time, they are almost at Gate A. Ye Qing and Pearl Krabs also know that it is urgent if they don’t get rid of each other’s snipers quickly, then the other reinforcements will be able to return to them, and maybe they will suffer some losses.
He and Pearl Krabs quickly rushed to the edge of W and then jumped almost at the same time. Tianxuan Star was also great. He kept aiming at the mirror at the most side. When Pearl Krabs and Ye Qing jumped, he quickly shot Pearl Krabs, who had not landed in the middle, to be killed.
Pearl Krabs has become a corpse after landing, but Ye Qing then avenged her. She directly swept the heavenly star into a sieve. When Ye Qing saw that the heavenly star fell to the ground, she quickly rushed to W and then retreated to Avenue A, the Big Dipper Palace, Tianjing Star and Yaoguang Star just rushed out of the hole A.
This confrontation I finally took advantage of the club again, but in the end, the head was killed by a heavenly star. This Yuzryha was not very satisfied, but the sniper of the other side was really too much. This is also no way. In Pearl Krabs, it is impossible to control your body and be killed.
Chapter 912 The boss is going to
The Big Dipper Palace once again suffered a big loss. Du Lingxiao lost confidence in his tactics. He simply stopped taking care of things behind him, but directly took people to attack Point A as quickly as possible, so that he could kill the platform people at Point A and then turn around to deal with the pursuers behind him. Although it is said that it is too close to the other base, it is better to take advantage of it first and then eat some losses. Maybe it is a draw, so that the other party will not continue to expand its lead.
The owner of the Big Dipper Palace rubbed his temples and felt very tired. He spent a lot of brain power because of the leaf-leaning competition tactics. Now he wants to go back to the office to have a rest. In his opinion, there is no need to fight for the outcome of this game. Kiko gave up anyway, winning or losing this game will not affect their entry into the playoffs. They should focus more on the playoffs. That is the final fate game.
The boss of the Big Dipper Palace patted Du Lingxiao on the shoulder and said earnestly, "Tian Shu just played and lost. It is also called that you mark my words and don’t argue for a while. The most important thing is to see who can laugh at the end."
With that, he walked out of the training room and returned to his office, where he could help him. He had helped the final game or lost. There was nothing he could do. It was enough for him to be addicted to being a counselor, and he felt that he could not help the team all the time, so that the team members would be dependent on himself and would also affect Du Lingxiao’s commanding prestige. If he went to the live game later, what would these guys want to do?
The eagle will never learn to fly if it lives on its mother’s wings. Du Lingxiao needs to hone himself, find his feelings in the competition, and learn to make various tactics to deal with the current situation. He really feels quite good about ak47 one day in a million, but he is not mature enough. It is still a long time before he can walk. The world is not a genius, so he must succeed. It still needs a lot of efforts.
The boss of the Big Dipper Palace attaches great importance to Du Lingxiao. Before cultivating him, he focused on cultivating Du Lingxiao’s marksmanship to improve his own strength, but he didn’t pay attention to his character until the Big Dipper Palace officially debuted to play professional games. He found that Du Lingxiao’s character sometimes affects the mood of his teammates. He is not a qualified leader, so he should hone his character well in the future to make him an excellent leader and a real core figure.
While cultivating Du Lingxiao, the boss will not forget to sign a deed of sale for Du Lingxiao. After all, he is still a businessman and will never lose money. He spent a lot of money to cultivate Du Lingxiao. Of course, he doesn’t want others to make a wedding dress. If Du Lingxiao is seen by those top teams, this guy wants to go to that team to compete for the championship, then get up and pat his ass and run away.
Du Lingxiao’s contract was signed three years ago, and two years have passed. This year is the third year. After this year, Du Lingxiao will be a free agent. Before he became famous in World War I, the boss of Big Dipper Palace decided to sign a contract with him again. Of course, the salary is higher than before, which is more tempting, especially for Du Lingxiao, who is not famous at this time. High salary means high temptation. He is still a teenager under 20 years old. A little salary increase is expected to make him ecstatic.
The boss of Big Dipper Palace was born in a big shareholder’s family of a big enterprise, and he was sent abroad to study finance and got a master’s degree when he was in college. He was very good at doing business. Later, when he returned to China, he was asked to enter the enterprise as a manager, but he refused and wanted to start his own business.
Like the richest man in the country, he chose to create a competitive club. He felt that if he did it well, he could still make money. Now he has invested in it, and some people in the family are also very opposed, but he still insisted on doing it.
He believes that one day this team will become quite valuable, and if this team wants to maintain this value, it must keep Du Lingxiao. Without Du Lingxiao, the Big Dipper Palace is worthless, and it may become a very ordinary professional team. Although the other four people are also geniuses, they are not as outstanding as Du Lingxiao. Even if one is added to the bench, the strength will be greatly reduced.
In fact, the owner of the Big Dipper Palace does not intend to run this team all the time. He knows that he will return to the family business sooner or later. After all, he is the only one in his family, and this family business can finally be handed over to him.
He intends to turn the team of the Big Dipper Palace into a super strong team and become a dynasty in the professional circle in the future, which will definitely cause many rich clubs to note that it is very likely that someone will buy this team, and then he will be able to wait for the price and sell it to whoever pays the high price, believing that it will make a lot of money.
At present, there are often two or three F teams in more than one team of competitive club flags, and of course there will be lol and doa teams. In those days, there were two teams in Dongjia Jingying Banner, which were divided into north and south groups. Now the ag team is also divided into home team and sub-team. Once these giant clubs see a team, they may acquire the flag and then go hand in hand in professional competitions.
The boss of Big Dipper Palace wants to build the value of this team through transportation, then sell it at a good price and make a fortune, and then go back to work in the family business. Who dares to be angry then? Thinking of this, he is a little complacent. He is only twenty-five years old now, so he is young. With the same age as him, there are few rich and young people who are more promising than him. Those guys will drive fast, eat, drink and die in nightclubs, and have no pursuit at all.
Du Lingxiao didn’t know that his boss was planning to sell the team, and he didn’t know that the boss had prepared a deed of sale for him. Of course, even if he knew, he would sign it because he wouldn’t read the terms. He would not hesitate to sign it if the price was right.
This guy entered the society too early, and he has been conducting closed training in the Big Dipper Palace. There is too little contact with the outside world, and many people don’t understand the world and lack social experience. If he is easy to be cheated outside, the team will not have much influence on him even if he signs a deed of sale. At most, he just stays in this team all the time, and he should still get the money every month
Club I is different from Big Dipper Palace. This team was originally established to play professional games, hoping to win a championship instead of being the first profitable boss. After running this team, it made itself poor, but it didn’t give up. Later, Damei invested capital to become the big boss. Her purpose was not to make money, but to make this team a top team, hoping to create brilliance in the professional circle. This team is doomed not to sell.
Ye Qing doesn’t know how long he can stay in this team, but there is no doubt that it is impossible for him to leave this team and need him too much. Once he leaves this team, he will sink and may never be strong again.
The most important thing is that this team is his girlfriend’s industry and has been completely handed over to him. This has to be said that it is big honey who takes a good move to let him take charge of the team, which is equivalent to tying him to death in this team. Will he watch his team weaken and run to other teams for development?
This move is too cruel, more cruel than the indenture, and Yuzryha can’t be angry. On the contrary, it makes him feel great. At least he is now the general manager of the club, and he feels a bit successful.
In fact, there are still quite a few fans in this game, and even several professional teams are watching this game. These professional teams have all watched the I club game at the Qilele Cup. The Institute has been paying attention to this rapidly rising team, hoping to learn more about it and deal with it in the future.
In addition to these people, there is another person who pays special attention. This person is Li Zhihao. At this time, he is sitting in his office and watching the big screen picture opposite. That picture is the game. He notes that the team is not the I club but the Big Dipper Palace. What he will notice is that the Big Dipper Palace is also due to the I club.
He has been seeking to buy a team, but he has been unable to find a good target. Since the failure to buy S, other super teams have been more tough and refused to buy him, even though his offer was attractive enough.
He bought the team in order to beat Club I and beat Club I in every professional competition. To put it bluntly, he needed to buy a strong team and an ordinary team. He was blind because he had been paying attention to the situation of Club I. He noticed that he beat Club I in fdl, and he felt that this team was very good in strength and the acquisition success rate should be quite high.
He made all this judgment because this team is not well-known and seems to be just starting out. He asked his hand to collect a lot of information in this field and concluded that this team has never appeared in professional competitions before. Such a team should have little background and the price should be suitable. I believe it is not difficult to buy it.
Li Zhihao is a very cautious person. He will never do it easily. He still needs to watch a few more games. Now it is the second time that the Big Dipper Palace has played against Club I, but this time it is obvious that Club I has taken the lead. Li Zhihao hesitated to buy this team. Is it appropriate?
In fact, Li Zhihao still thinks too simple. At this time, it is impossible to acquire the Big Dipper Palace. Because the Big Dipper Palace has not yet made a name for itself, it is certainly not very valuable at this stage, and Li Zhihao actually plans to spend two or three million to acquire this team.
The boss of the Big Dipper Palace spent almost three million yuan to build this team in two years. Just renting this place and decorating it cost more than one million yuan to pay salaries and bonuses to the players. Occasionally, he will organize these guys to go out for a trip. The cost is quite large. Who wants to buy this team for two or three million yuan is simply wishful thinking? He can’t get any money back, can he?
Ye Qing is now more and more worried in his heart. The pain in his arm is getting stronger and stronger, almost returning to the time when he was just scalded. Fortunately, now the Big Dipper Palace is blindly attacking Avenue A and has no other choice. He can cope with it, and now the team has occupied the wind. There should be no suspense in taking this game. He doesn’t know what prompted the other party to seem to give up the game.



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