"ding! Ding! Ding! Hey! "

The mad dog dragon kept rolling on the ground, and the floor was broken by the long knife.
When the fifth knife was chopped out, Mad Dog Dragon had abandoned his gun and caught his blade with a pair of night shadow serrated teeth. This trick was seen by the double-edged warrior yesterday, but what followed was beyond his expectation.
The mad dog dragon pushed his right foot with his backhand. He took a look at the double-edged warrior’s left-handed knife at the bottom of his boots and quickly reached the block, so something happened.
The thorn in the bottom of the boot actually got stuck. His blade followed the mad dog dragon and let go, staggered, twisted and swept the other leg.
The double-edged warrior failed to prevent his hand from being swept by this foot and then overturned.
This kind of attack is harmless, but the inertia can easily knock people down because your weapon has been embedded by the other side.
Of course, the success of the mad dog dragon surprise attack did not stop fighting, so he quickly went back and picked up the golden gun, while the double-edged warrior crawled on the ground like mantis and stared at the mad dog dragon, a picture ready to go.
In Zhang Yu’s eyes, the two men just met because she couldn’t understand that other players were stabbing and stabbing after melee, but the two men were very flexible and their exquisite skills were not displayed in a big way
However, the confrontation between the two people seems to have no intention of fighting again. The expression of Mad Dog Dragon is a bit strange, and the face of the double-edged warrior has also changed.
After a few seconds, Zhang Yu was surprised to find that the ground was shaking slightly. Slowly, she heard a sound, and the ground made a "bang bang bang" muffled sound, which seemed to be coming from far away and getting closer. After that, the ground vibration amplitude was simply an earthquake.
At the same time, three people turned and looked at the gate, and a statue appeared at the gate of the warehouse.
Moreover, this time, the Japanese samurai was different from the previous ones. It was about 3 meters high and much larger than the ordinary statue. It was simply a giant holding a big mace instead of Tatsu Yamashiro.
Maybe this is the boss in the statue, and this is the first reaction of mad dog dragon.
The first reaction of the double-knife warrior is to start rushing and galloping skills and kill them like a galloping engine. At the same time, he also threw a team invitation to Mad Dog Dragon.
This man is really resourceful and knows that this monster is extraordinary. Everyone must work together to have a chance to survive.
Mad Dog Dragon didn’t refuse to take a look at it. The name of the Double Knife Warrior is "Eternal Knife". The level of the professional stormtrooper is only 21.
However, the eternal knife obviously underestimated the ability of the boss. The boss is not as clumsy as the statue. Don’t look at its large size. Look at someone diving the mace and sweeping the army. The club is bigger than others. The eternal blade root dare not be hard-jointed. Actually, a side pounce jumped from the club and rolled a few times, then it jumped up and beat the boss’s head.
He obviously knows the trick to deal with this samurai monster. It’s a pity that this knife cuts out a "-61" damage value. With boss’s fierce roar and a strong shock, the eternal knife will fly back and fall into a shelf, and the pasta box will crash and crash.
Boss didn’t care about him after the shock, dragging a stick and walking straight towards the mad dog dragon. It was terrifying to sweep the rusty iron shelf with a stick halfway.
Mad dog dragon was ready for Peter Pan’s metal wire to hit the ceiling. The whole person floated obliquely to the square and then hit a metal wire to fix himself in the middle. At this time, ak finally showed its real lethality.
"State by state!"
Powerful firepower turned the back of boss’s head into a leaking gourd, and black blood soared out like a sharp arrow, causing 55 points of damage with each shot. That’s all, if the golden gun is purely scientific and technological, there will be no physical damage root.
However, what surprised Mad Dog Dragon was that boss was indifferent to his attack, but went straight to Zhang Yu.
It is reasonable to say that monsters have hate value. Why does this monster completely ignore himself and the eternal knife?
Now is obviously not the time to think too much. Mad Dog Dragon roared "Run–"
It’s like waking up from a big dream and spreading your big feet and running in the direction of the shelves. All three of them didn’t expect that boss was actually running at a pace. Not only was the speed not slow, but the powerful foot force shocked the whole warehouse.
Zhang Yu fell to the ground with fragile constitution and unsteady steps.
Mad dog dragon nasty trigger was almost he pressed the gun to the limit.
In the face of such crazy firepower, boss is still indifferent. It actually reaches out a big hand, holds Zhang Yu in his armpit, and then staggers around and runs towards the gate.
What the fuck is going on? Mad dog dragon is a little dumbfounded. Does boss have to treat the gender of players differently?
Eternal Knife then roared out of the debris pile and jumped into a heavy chop. boss was stabbed in the head again and a "-14" green crit damage value appeared.
Boss didn’t shake this time and swept the eternal knife away with a backhand.
This stick made Eternal Knife fly almost 2 meters, and finally hit a crane, and then he lay motionless on the ground, but Tong did not show that he quit the group, but he was probably on the verge of death.
"Help! Help!" Zhang Yu was caught with a purple face, and his hands and feet were desperately kicking and dancing.
"Hey, hey!"
The mad dog dragon ak didn’t stop shooting until the boss passed his square, and he let go of the wire. The whole person knelt on the boss’s back and punched at the same time, and the blade of the night shadow went straight into the boss’s head.
Boss finally let out a cry of pain and fell to the ground, and then instantly exploded a lot of medicine and gold coins and some miscellaneous things.
After Zhang Yu was saved, he rolled aside, and it was a sudden cough. The eternal knife finally regained consciousness and it was difficult to get up from the ground.
Mad dog dragon flipped through the pile of medicine and found that there was no equipment.
"This monster is not boss!" Eternal knife came along.
Mad dog dragon nodded thoughtfully and said, "I think so!"
Zhang Yu sat down on the ground. "Isn’t this big boss?"
Eternal Dao: "A piece of equipment is not explosive. Can it be called boss?"
Mad dog dragon wry smile way "equipment is normal, but this monster seems to be interested in women and ignore men."
This question is obviously answered by all three people. The eternal knife flipped among the gold coins before leaving silently.
He picked out the scarlet medicine conveniently, but he didn’t even bother to look at the gold coins. Obviously, he is also an expert in adventure players who knows what is the most precious in what environment.
After turning it over for a while, a yellow log appeared on his hand.
As a result, after patting the dust, he frowned, and the mad dog dragon gathered together to look at it and secretly laughed. This guy obviously doesn’t understand Japanese either.
The translation was finally handed over to Zhang Yu.
"Hirata Ichiro Pavilion thank you for your support from the evil Matai military base again. In the past year, the storm signal on this island has become stronger and stronger, and it has become more and more difficult to land on the island. There have been plane crashes and ships sinking. This strange phenomenon is something we have never been able to study, but it is gratifying that you successfully landed on the island a week ago with your strong support. Thank you again for your valuable help …"
Eternal Dao suddenly said, "Did you set off from the port of Christa in the eastern part of the exile a few days ago and then landed in the north direction of this island?"
Zhang Yu was surprised. "How do you know?"


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